Summer Job Year Two!

So it looks like I will have my part time summer job again, wandering Riversdale looking for used needles! It was a fun job to have last year. I really liked it. It was like a treasure hunt, only the treasures were USED NEEDLES! And I’m not afraid of picking them up. I’ll have to work longer in the evenings three days a week, what with my other job of editing videos. Which is starting to come together. Right now I am working on a project. I have to get at least four more hours of work in this weekend to keep up. That’s okay. I’m going to try and keep up with my job and really get some hours in so I have enough to go to Germany this June/July!

I’m excited to have my summer job back! I wonder where this years hot spots will be? I know a lot of them from last year when I was working. The only time something dodgy happened to me last year was when I found a needle and then a wasp chased me away and was like, stinging me and stuff! For the most part people in that neighborhood are happy someone is getting rid of potentially biohazardous materials. They are very respectful and tell you where they have seen needles. Because everyone has a stake in their community, no matter how poor those people are. Sometimes people think poor people don’t care about where they live, but that is so not true. People care. People don’t want their kids jabbing themselves on some strangers needles.

And I liked walking for three hours a day three days a week. It was good for me, got me some kind of fitness level. It made me not so sedentary. I never cared that I was chubby, but not being completely sedentary made me feel pretty good.

My job is awesome, my editing job I mean! I am excited about it! Lots of stuff to do! My needle pick up job is awesome too, but I am right now only doing the editing job. It’s been all importing footage so far. But I feel pretty happy knowing there is a lot of footage to pull stuff from, and the footage looks good! It’s all high definition, which is REALLY nice!

I’m starting to realize that just maybe I will be able to have a fully functioning editing company. So far it has been very abstract. But now after doing a bazillion things like incorporating and getting a business license and a bank account and so on and so forth all on my own money, I think I will be able to do it! This is the first time I will have money coming in from an external source.

I got an accounting program for my Mac FINALLY! It’s AccountEdge and so far it is really user friendly! Except when I went to register the damn thing, it kept telling me “You must be an administrator” and I AM! Then after an hour of trying to troubleshoot I read the email I got when I upgraded it and it said to wait a whole day before registering! Fricken fracken hell! Anyway, expect to hear more about my accounting software. Neural Net, the Mac store in town, uses it, so I figured if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me!

I have to clean my office tomorrow because my client is coming in on Wednesday to sit with me and do some editing. I’m not sure how long she is planning on staying but I’d better make it nice in here! Right now it looks terrible.

I got my criminal record check today for the needle job, I had one last year but they needed a newer one within the last six months. No crimes for me! 😀 I have a nice clean record.

I am importing my 4th to last tape right now! Exciting! I have done so many hours of importing! 19.5! Including some setting up and stuff. Rewinding. Blah de blah. I’m stoked to get started on really editing, there is some more material coming soon. Finally I get to do my job!

I have been writing this for days. I keep saving it and then writing some more. Today is the first day I have worked in my office, before I was using the kitchen table. I really like it! It’s nice to be away from everybody. In my own quiet space. As messy as it is. It will be clean soon!

I need to gather my receipts for my business. I spent practically 600 bucks on that damn accounting software, but it was and will be worth it. And I will be able to pay myself back with the money I am making now. I am also considering buying a nice external monitor later on. I also have to send off a cheque for an ad I placed in the Pride Guide. It’s kind of a silly ad, I have a couple regrets about how I placed the words, but whatever. It’s all spelled correctly!

So running a business is a lot of work!

Also I have to pay myself back for the 2400 I spent on this computer. I need the money to pay for Life In Germany this summer. I am thinking of extending my ticket and flying out of Berlin so I can spend five days there after my residency is done. Also because my friend will be in Finland for most of the time I am there and I want to see her and her dogs! I have other friends to visit there too though. Either way, another five days wouldn’t hurt. It might test my sense of homesickness though. I get homesick so easy. I’m such a Canadian. I feel sad when I am physically away from the land. I would make a terrible astronaut.

So life is exciting right now, and giving me a sense of purpose. I also have to start writing my script for my butch video. I’m going to be really busy these next couple of months. My birthday is in ten days! 😀 I will be 34. Mid thirties! :O Shit, that reminds me, I have to call the government and pay them back an EI overpayment from when I went to Germany and therefore wasn’t supposed to get EI while I was gone. I should look for that letter! I’m glad I’m not on EI now. EI sucks, I hate doing the reports, and they only let you be sick for so long, 15 weeks. And recovering from a manic episode takes more than 15 weeks.

SO yeah! I gotta dash, the important part of this video that I need to watch is coming up in 2 minutes! And then I am down to my last three tapes which I will do tomorrow. YAYS! 😀

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