My Sober Garden

Today I didn’t do a whole lot. I stayed sober, I still haven’t smoked a cigarette, it’s going okay. I saw my psych nurse yesterday, which was good. She told me again she wants me to get into public speaking about my recovery as someone with bipolar, and addictions I imagine. So I am still meaning to do that. Today I gave up on my wimpy pumpkin seedlings, which are limp and dwindled from eight to three. I don’t know what happened! :O So I bought three big pumpkin plants and a cantaloupe plant, to go with my watermelon plant. Going to try and grow some mega fruit and veg!

In two weeks I will be on a plane to Germany. I’m NERVOUS! :O It’s pretty damned exciting though. I have so much work to get done on my video! I need all my shots down, or at least most of them! I am gonna see if I can borrow a tripod while I am there, because carting one around is a pain in the ass! I found an international NA meeting in Hamburg in English on Saturdays, so I am going to go there while I am in town. Just to keep myself checking in.

I found a really good website on addiction, it’s called The Fix. It’s my favorite of all the ones I have looked at so far!

Tomorrow will be two TOTALLY SOBER weeks! 😀 That’s pretty cool. It’s been a long time since I have gone that long without drinking. This weekend I want to do some things sober, like play a game of pool or go bowling. Something like that. Maybe Mini Golf. I want to go to the labyrinth nearby and do a meditative walk through it.

Yesterday I sat in the hot tub and drank soda water, orange juice, and grenadine. That was pretty sweet.

I had this crazy dream last night that I was gonna have sex with Kurt Cobain. WTF???

I saw Men In Black 3 and it was awesome.

What else? Maybe I will go to the horse track again this weekend. Probably not though, I might just mind my own business most of the weekend.

I am not sure what to do about my friends. So many of my friends were my drinking buddies, and now I don’t drink. I have to figure out a different way of relating to them. And some of them are really threatened by me quitting drinking and drugs, for some reason. I don’t know why, I guess they feel like maybe it means they might have a problem too. But I am not going to try converting my friends to NA or AA, I just want to be able to spend time with them without them saying “But you could have ONE drink!”

Well anyway, I should get ready for bed. Facebook is telling me this address is abusive or spammy. Fuckers! I hate facebook!

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