Crappy Day! But also I am looking forward to the future.

UGH! I have this super immature aggressive dramatic cousin who embodies all the stereotypes people have about people with bipolar disorder and I had unfriended and blocked him on facebook once before, and then I thought I would give him another chance, but he’s got all the compassion of a rabid pitbull so I unfriended and blocked him yet again. Sigh! He’s such a pain in the ass. Anyway, he was sending me abusive inbox messages, so I was like Fuck That! Ugh! What the fuck is with some people? I am always surprised when people treat me like shit, because I used to have low self esteem until I did a lot of work on myself and now I have pretty high self esteem and don’t take shit from people. And so I am surprised that people think they can get away with it. He’s fucked in the head, just fucked! And he’s abusive to lots of people, including his boyfriend who he’s beat up in the past. He’s just a mean little motherfucker and I’m tired of being around that shit.

So I decide who is allowed around me. I don’t put up with crap. And it felt good being able to block him. Whew! That’s the only way he and I are in contact. He’s actually only my cousin by marriage, his auntie is also my auntie, who married my uncle who I am related to by blood. So I’m glad I’m not directly related to him.

Blah blah blah! Anyway, the whole interaction kind of spoiled my day. I was so crabby after.

In less than two days I leave! A day and 12 hours or so! So exciting! 😀 Yeeeeeeee! Get away from Canada and all it’s inherent problems for a few weeks. Make art and hang out with five roommates who are queer feminists in Hamburg! Show some work, visit some friends, have some fun! 😀 So stoked! I’m on track with all the things I have to do to get ready to leave! I filled out three different paperwork things. I am in the midst of doing all my laundry. I have been packing. I got my lavalier today, but the stupid thing is missing a tiny connector which changes the useless end into a mini plug which I can then plug into another connector which converts it to an XLR connector which is what my camera takes. So, what a drag! It’s not even like the connector was supposed to be in the package and wasn’t there, it’s more like the connector is just another thing you have to buy separately! Luckily they sell that brand in Hamburg at something like three different stores, so there is a good chance I can get it! I’m also going to see if the store I got it from today has it. They might? I dunno, but hopefully I get a sales person who knows what they are talking about, because the one I talked to today didn’t know what a lavalier was!

I’ve only got a little bit of time left with my pup! I am gonna miss him so much! Mom complains about him barking, but her dog Arthur is annoying in his own way, so I don’t think she can talk! Arthur eats everything that is within reach of him putting his feet on the counter. He ate my long john! He’s an asshole! :O

What else? Hmm. Tomorrow is going to be my super busy day. Then the next day is 21 hours of airports and planes. I have to take a Westjet flight to Calgary first, then a KLM flight to Amsterdam, then a KLM commuter flight to Hamburg. From there I haven’t decided if I am taking a taxi or the U and S Bahn’s into where I’m staying. I will probably take a cab, just because I have so much stuff. I always take a cab at first. I’m on a strict budget, I hope I can stick to it! Yiy! My lodging won’t be much and so I just have to get a data plan for my cell, a transit pass, and food, really. Should be awesome! OH and I have to pay for a bus ticket to Berlin. But that’s all. Pretty decent.

Tomorrow I have to:
-Charge all my batteries for my camera
-Finish all my laundry
-Clean my room
-Buy a MiCon-2 for my Lav.
-Finish Packing, including finding the USB adapter.
-Print out where I am staying
-Pick up my Medications
-Pick up my Cheque
-Go to the Bank to deposit it
-Get some money to exchange over there
-Put Laptop in easily accessible area in my carry on so that I don’t have a hard time pulling it out and turning it on at security!

I have to charge up everything before I go, I wonder how much my roaming fees are going to be for data before I get a German micro sim card. Hmm. I hope it’s not that much money.

Ha ha, I totally kissed my dog and he made a groany noise, like he was saying “Let me sleep Mummy!” Poor little sod! He’s gonna miss me, but he has Hermione and Arthur and Mum and Beatrix Kitty to keep him company. I’ve never been gone this long from him! I did do a six week residency once in Winnipeg, it was awesome, I made a good video, felt like I lived there, made some good friends. I hope something similar happens this time. The good thing is all the costs of making my video have pretty much been taken care of with my grant, so now I just need to live for a while.

I should go to bed. I need to sleep! So much is happening tomorrow and I have to get up early for it! I promised myself I wouldn’t sleep in the day before I left, because I have to be at the airport at 9am on Thursday so it’s just a good idea to get on schedule. I totally thought I was flying through Toronto. It’s hilarious that I’m going to friggen Calgary! Oh well. I have three hours there and then two hours in Amsterdam. I hope I can sleep on the plane, often I have a hard time with that!

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