Sleepless in Saskatoon!

I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight! It’s already 12:37 and I am still up. I guess taking my meds would be a start! I’m all packed, I’m just charging my phone and my laptop and tomorrow morning I have to have a shower and brush my teeth, but then stuff goes in it’s respective places. I’m not sure where to put my camera when I am on the plane. My Mom said to put my carry on in the overhead bins, which makes sense, but it will have my laptop in it and I kinda want to have that. Maybe I should be content with a book! I guess I could always go in later and grab it! Sigh! So much to think about! I’m dubious that the carry on will really fit under the seat. I guess it doesn’t matter if I put it up. Hmm. I am using my camera bag as a purse, which I have done before and gotten away with. I still have room in my carry on though, I could probably fit it all in there and then have it under my seat. I’m being such a pain in the ass!

I’ve gotten a text from one of the people I am staying with in Hamburg, so that’s good. I will meet her Friday. I might be getting a ride from the airport if they have time, which would be cool. I hope so! That would be the best. But if not that’s ok too. I think it’s raining right now! It sounds so loud!

Last night a poltergeisty thing happened to me, which hasn’t happened in a long time. My suitcase started rustling as if a curious animal was bothering it, and then it fell over. I was all “Stop it!” thinking it was Beatrix Kitty, but then I realized Beatrix Kitty was on my bed, as was Little Mister, and Tiny Hermione was sleeping with Mum! Later on when the lights were out there was a little more rustling, this time from on top of my dresser, which kind of creeped me out and then I just went to sleep. Nothing poltergeisty has happened to me in a long time, so it was kind of surprising. I thought now that I wasn’t drinking or doing drugs it would be gone! But no! Mum said it was because I was so excited about going away. Maybe? It could be my own energy.

I never noticed poltergeist stuff until I lived with a roommate who had that kind of thing happen to her all the time. Since then off and on stuff has happened around me. But I thought it had to do with me being drunk or high. I guess not!

Well, suppose I should roll over and go to sleep! I am nervous! D: I hope everything goes well on this trip. I’m going to use my Saskatoon cell number while I am in transit and then get a micro sim card over there and have a Hamburg number for the rest of my trip! And then switch again when I am coming back. I figure I can’t rack up too too much terrible roaming charges in one day. Two days, if you count coming back. I have heard of people using their Canadian cells for a week in Germany and ending up with 1500 dollar bills on their return! Yikes! If I have to pay 300, that’s not so bad. But hopefully it won’t be that expensive! I guess I can’t use Netflix over there, which kinda sucks, but whatevs, Mom will use it here. I will be too busy to watch movies on le internet!

Excited about my project, I am going to work on it while I am in the air! Gonna write and read and imagine the possibilities!

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