Editing Begins

I started cutting together my video last week, but yesterday I finally recorded my monologue and so I have really begun in earnest to edit. I went through the monologue and chopped out all the papers rustling and bad takes and weird mouth noises. I have a nine minute fifteen second eighteen frame video now. And now the real fun begins because I can start marrying imagery to the voice over. And also cut back and forth between me reading and the images. I need more images though, I think. We’ll see. I feel like I don’t have enough! And I really need to reshoot some bits, the crotch shots would look better as close ups, for one thing, because the full body shots do not work with the HDV format. The size of the screen is kind of awkward, I am used to working with a more squareish sized screen.

I’ve been looking more at the footage I do have, and it looks like I have enough, although I still want to do the crotch shots. I just think they could be nice.

It’s been over two weeks that I have been in Hamburg. It’s been pretty relaxed, not hectic at all. I like having the space to do my art. I spent about a week and a half writing and shooting, and now I am shooting and editing. I’ve been going to Bildwechsel Hamburg to see videos, it’s been pretty good, I’ve watched some really old depictions of butches, which was nice to see. One of my friends was even in one of the videos, which was cool. I also watched this documentary from England about these older lesbians, like lesbians in their fifties to their eighties. That was pretty cool too.

I haven’t been drinking or smoking or smoking up or doing any drugs! I’ve been totally clean and sober! It’s been really good, I don’t really miss drinking. Although I admit it looks kind of cool when I see people sitting on patios having a brewski. But whatever, I can stay on the wagon.

I’ve missed out on all the NA meetings. I was going to go this Saturday, but I thought it started at 7 and it turns out it starts at 6. So early! I am gonna try next weekend, that will be my last chance to go to one in Hamburg because the next weekend is my video screening and then the day after that I go to Berlin! Tomorrow will be three weeks exactly until I go back to Canada! I’ll be happy to go home I think, I miss Canada. I don’t miss the government or evil Stephen Harper, but I miss my friends and family and the wide sunny skies of Saskatoon!

I am going to have to watch some Youtube tutorials of how to get neato effects in FCP X. I feel like some split screen stuff would be really nice. I wish I had photoshop, that was the best for making graphics for videos. Oh well. Maybe I can download something similar.

I went to Bremen on Friday. I didn’t stay very long. It is made to encourage bicycling, so the roadways are all convoluted and unhelpful. In a way it’s made to waste gas actually. Anyway, I have never been in a city that prioritizes bicycles, so it was kinda cool. I took the train back, it was pretty decent. I got back in an hour and a half. I was nervous because I didn’t get a seat number or car number, but it turned out those were irrelevant. It’s always a bit wild figuring out transport in different countries. Especially when most of the ticket is in another language.

My Mom and I have Skyped almost every day! She holds Little Mister up and I take screen shots of his fuzziness. Sometimes he looks at the screen and tilts his head all quizzically and it’s so adorable!

Well, that’s about all I can talk about today. This residency has been so nice and relaxed! I’ve been basically lounging about thinking and stuff. And now it’s getting really exciting because I am starting to see the fruits of my labor. So I am happy about that!

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