An Update from Germany!

Well I am here in Hamburg, tomorrow will be one week that I have been here! It’s been very laid back. I went to Bildwechsel Hamburg yesterday and watched a bunch of old lesbian videos with butch representations in them. That was pretty awesome, I am going again next week (they are only open one day a week!). I wrote some of my monologue and thought of a few different shots I can shoot in my room. So I would say my video is going well. Today I am going to do some shooting! 😀

I missed the NA meeting, because it took me like, three days to recover from jetlag. I was so wiped out! I’m glad that’s over with. I want to go to the NA meeting this Saturday, but my friend Rae Spoon is playing a concert and I kinda want to go, and that starts at 8, which is right after the NA meeting. I might just find an online meeting that would fit my schedule better. I mostly just want to listen to others. So that might be what I do.

The house I am doing my residency in is awesome, I have a nice big room and good roommates and Karin, one of the women who lives here and is also involved in Bildwechsel, has been really friendly and nice. I have 24 days left before I head off to Berlin! This is going by really fast! Yikes! Probably a good thing though, because I am gonna start missing home really badly! I get all lonely for Canada when I’m about to go back.

When I get to Berlin I am meeting up with my old gym buddy Carrie, who will be finishing a two week tour of France, Poland, and Germany! She leaves the day after I get there, so I have to think of somewhere awesome to take her!

I don’t know what else to tell you? My mom said I should post some of my statuses on my blog, since I’ve been doing a lot of microblogging. Maybe. I will think about it. I should go make my coffee and get back to work on this video! Talk to yall laters!

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