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I started knitting again today. I got a good inch done on my scarf, starting out slow and sweet. I am going to do an hour of knitting every day until this damn thing is DONE! Then I will finally have a scarf! Yay! It’s almost halfway done. I worked a lot on it last winter, then I gave up for a while. But I always kept it around! And Mom got me a knitting bag this summer at a garage sale! So I finally have something good to keep it in!

I am trying really hard to work on personal development. I made major strides in my life when I quit weed, and then drinking. For instance, I got my drivers license after I quit smoking up, and I started driving everywhere when I quit drinking. Because now I have no excuse not to drive. I’m not inebriated anymore. So driving is totally okay. It’s pretty awesome. But now I feel like I have plateaued, and I need to continue this upward trajectory. I grew pumpkins this summer, that was fun. We have ten of them! They aren’t massively big, but they are a decent enough size. Definitely big enough for pies and jack o’lanterns. They still need to turn orange, except for one that turned orange really early on. I read up on how to encourage them, one of the things they suggested was trimming the leaves around them so that they get more sun, so I did that today.

Anyway, gardening was a nice thing to do. Watching them progress. This evening I also finally harvested some wild sage that grew in our front garden. I bundled it up into a smudge and I’m drying it out. It smells really good! I feel like I need to do some spiritual things around the fact that there are clearly spirits attached to me, considering how often things move around on their own when I am in the room. I’ve seen plants move like something brushed by them, I’ve seen belts hanging up swing back and forth, I’ve seen my suitcase get disturbed like an animal is investigating it and tips it over, I’ve heard rustling where there shouldn’t be anything. It doesn’t scare me like it used to. I generally do not get negative vibes from the beings hanging around me. I feel like they just want to visit. I don’t know who they are, but I do know a number of people who have passed on. Carla Marie Powers, Jasmine Turner, Christopher Cuthand, Matthew O’Scienny. I feel like all of those people have moved on and found peace, but I can imagine it’s possible for them to come back to visit. I don’t know why they would. Some of them I feel would want to come see me more than others though. I could see Jasmine coming back, we were pretty close.

Anyway, I feel like I need to burn sage for them. And so having another smudge finally feels good. Something anyway. I was thinking of getting some incense too. Spirits like smells.

I’m trying to figure out other ways I could grow. I feel different now that I am not putting substances in my body, except for caffeine and nicotine. But I don’t want to give up caffeine yet. Anyway, I feel more like myself. Like the booze and drugs were making me someone else, and also drawing in bad spirits to me. Negative energies. And now there’s a chance for positive energies to reach me. But there must be something else. Something I could really love. I love writing, I’m trying to do it more. I bought Final Draft software a while ago but I haven’t used it too much. National Novel Writing Month is happening again soon. I might try again this year. There’s a really good piece of software for writing novels specifically called Scribe or something like that, I might get it and try it this time.

I was reading on this personal development website about how being self employed is way better than having a JOB job. It really spoke to me and made me more determined to stay on my path I am on. I also like the idea of getting creative royalties, passive income it is called. It would be nice to just make money continuously.

I didn’t make my sweet potato pie yet! Yikes! I read this other good advice for changing your life where you take 20 minutes and write out 100 things you want to do, no matter how crazy or unrealistic they may seem. And then at the end you put it away for a day and then look at it again and see how you can make some or all of those things happen. So I might do that tomorrow, I am too tired tonight.

It’s been an interesting few years. It seems that the big changes really happened for me this year though, which is kind of funny because there were all these people thinking 2012 would be the end of the world. I really just think that it opened up space for me to fundamentally change who I am. But now that I have sobered up, I feel like there needs to be something else to fill that space in my life. I’m not sure what. Meditation? Exercise? It would have to be something I find fun! I have to look at that. Cooking is fun because you can eat what you make. Knitting is fun because you can wear what you make. Clearly I like being productive. That’s a clue. It’s another reason I like writing, because I can go back and reread things and sometimes use things to make videos, which is my other favorite thing to do. Maybe I really need to make a festival or something here. It’s a little hard since I am moving away in a little under a year anyway.

I’m really liking having tea or coffee with my friends and visiting, it’s super fun. Conversations with folks are always good, I like getting into my feelings and stuff. I was a bad conversationalist when I was a stoner. I didn’t really care about anything. I was so unmotivated.

I still can’t believe that one ex said I have no ambition. I’ve always had ambition. It doesn’t mean I get funding, but the desire is there. I still have to ask the Canada Council why I didn’t get my grant. If they say it’s because my support material is too old I will flip out! My newer stuff isn’t in the same vein as the work I want to do, it’s experimental and doesn’t have actors, just me. And another time they didn’t give me the money because my support material wasn’t like what I want to do. I think juries hate me.

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