Never You Mind!

So anyways, life trundles on.  Steven got drunk on the weekend and woke us up at 2 and 4 am, so the next morning I went downstairs and banged a metal pot with a metal spoon.  Made me feel marginally better.

I went to Regina this weekend, spent time with my friend Blair and screened Boi Oh Boi and got a really good response.  I’m happy about that.

Yesterday I had my SAID interview with the lady from Abilities Council.  She went through all this stuff with me and we identified all these supports I had in dealing with things in life related to my disability, like dressing and housework and mood and safety and stress and a bunch of other things.  It was a fairly thorough assessment that made me realize how many supports I have as a disabled person to get through life.  My Mom DOES help a lot, it makes me worry what it will be like when I move out.  I’ve lived on my own before though.  And Mister is a support, because he calms me down when I am stressed out or emotional.  And even my phone is a support because I have set alarms all through the week that remind me of various things like taking my meds and taking out the garbage and going to my concurrent disorders group.

I haven’t gone to my group in a while.  I should really go. 

And then of course I also have my psychiatrist and my psych nurse supporting me.  So yeah!

I will find out in six to eight weeks if I am approved to stay on the SAID program.  It would be nice. 

Christmas is coming up soon.  This will be our first sober Christmas in a long time.  Maybe it will make the stress easier to deal with. 

I’ve had a long day, had to get up early and stuff.  It’s been exhausting.  Good though, I went to a bunch of art galleries in Regina and got to see my friend’s show at The Dunlop.  Purty interesting stuff!

I’m just going to do some work and also write this paper and also get letters of reference and write some more stuff for my grad school application.  It’s due SO SOON!  Yikes!  And there is only one application date a year for it so I really have to get my shit together.  I am thinking of purchasing this app from the app store called Scrivener, it’s this majorly amazing writing software that can do essays, scripts, novels, all sorts of things.  I think it would be a good investment for a writer, and also it is only 45 dollars on the app store.  It’s way better for longer pieces like novels than Word.  I had better download it soon!

We have the Cartoon Network for free for a while, so we are taping Adventure Time.  I am thinking of deleting the three seasons of Adventure Time off my laptop so I have more space.  Although maybe I should watch them all again before I do!

I downloaded Amanda Palmer’s Theatre is Evil album off her site for free because I am a broke ass fan!  Maybe if I get majic money I will send a couple bucks her way, because it is a pretty bitchin’ album.  You can find it at her website, 

I’m still single.  The foretold girlfriend hasn’t arrived, and November is nearly over.  I’m giving up.  I think I shall be single until I move away for Grad school and am really really busy with my career and then someone sweet will show up and I will get all distracted and mooney and forget to do my homework.  Either that or I will continue to go after bad emotionally unavailable women who don’t really like me all that much.  Poor life choices!  I’m really tired of being drawn to women who don’t feel the same way though.  It makes me feel shitty about myself, like no one will ever love me!  UGH!  So horrid!  So the story of my life! 

But there is more to life than being loved I guess.  I could just masturbate a lot and continue working on the Great Aboriginal Comedy Series. 

Actually, I have been single for so long that ALL my sex dreams are now about me masturbating feverishly!  In one I was using a glass dildo and a vibrator and an Oral B electric toothbrush ALL AT ONCE!  I don’t know how I managed that with only two hands.  And in real masturbatory life it’s pretty boring again, especially since my bottle of Slippery Stuff fell down the side of the bed between the wall and bed and I have been too lazy to fish it out.  Lube is pretty hot, and makes everything feel better, so you would think I would have fished it out by now!  But no.  OH!  But I did have a dream I was in an orgy with lesbians and transmen.  That was a pretty hot dream.  They were all faceless people.  Most of my sex dreams involve faceless people.  This means my next lover will have no face!  Ha ha, just kidding.  I think it just means I don’t have any active crushes that I feel comfortable fucking in my dreams. 

I should go to bed, my back is cold and I am naked in bed and I want to wriggle under the covers and be warm on this wintery night!  I went to Regina today without a hat, how ridic is that?  I was freezing!  Winter is here to stay!  It came early this year, and hasn’t melted away at all.  Last year was so mild.  Not this time! 

OK Cupid keeps trying to set me up with Bisexual women.  I wish I could find a femme lesbian, that would be AWESOME!  Oh well, nevermind.

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