Rash Decisions

So it’s day three of this nasty ass rash that started on my neck and back and has over the last few days spread to include all of my body except my crotch and palms.  It’s under my hair, it’s on my feet, it’s on my fingers, it’s on my arms.  Yesterday I took some Benadryl and nearly fell asleep at the mediclinic.  Then when I DID get home from the mediclinic I went straight to my room and slept for two hours.  The doctor at the mediclinic thinks it’s a contact rash or something I ate and gave me six Reactins to take once a day.  I took my second one today and it has helped a little but dammit, I still have a rash.

And it HURTS when I scratch, and if I scratch a whole bunch of new itchy bumps form where my nail has scratched.  It’s awful.  Stupid rash! 

So anyway, I might go see a real doctor soon, I am making an appointment tomorrow to get in to my regular doc. 

Speaking of medical issues, I have made the decision to discontinue my birth control pills.  I like that they lessen my period, BUT I don’t like having to remember to take them every day and I REALLY don’t like that I think they have lowered my sex drive to non-existent.  So to hell with them.  Plus I am a Lesbian, and I don’t fuck men, or anybody really, but especially not men, so they are kind of useless.  I think I am going to try and get an ablation so I can stop having my period altogether.  I have to do more research.  But one thing is for sure, I do not want kids!  And I’m already nearly 35, I think my biological clock would have kicked in more strongly if I had any kind of maternal instinct.   So an ablation is totally reasonable.

I washed my sheets today and they went inside my damn duvet cover and anyway, there is still kitty fur all over them.  Dammit! 🙁

What else?  I am writing a fictionalized account of sobriety.  It should be interesting.  I have a page and a half written already.  I need a minimum of seven pages, preferably ten, and then I can submit it.  I also have to do some editing of it at the end probably.  Just to make it flow better.  I hadn’t written in a while so it was fun to start today.  It was also annoying because my Mum kept interrupting to ask me goofy questions!  Oh well.  I guess next time I will put my headphones on.

It’s still freakin’ snowing here!  What the eff!?  There is snow EVERYWHERE!  It’s not leaving!  Why why why?  Last winter was so mild, and this winter is so evil, and it’s not even winter, it’s officially spring, and yet there is NOTHING green around here, it’s white like the oppressors!  AhhhhhhhhhHh!

Well, that’s about all I have to say today.  I’m tired.  Reactin is non-drowsy, thank god, but it is midnight and so it’s time for me to go sleepies.

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