No Fat Burger! Noooooooo!

Well, it is the eve of my first performance in seven years!  I last performed just after my cousin Christopher died in 2006.  After that I sort of informally retired from Performance and decided to just perform in my videos.  But now, I have cooked up something new!  It’s official title is Fling with A Colonizing Queen but I think it has been renamed Just Dandy.  It’s about a revolutionary character at an Indigenous Resistance Meeting reading from her diary about her fling with a colonizing Evil Queen who gives her a dandelion which colonizes the land.  The background video was fun to make, a lot of dandelions and the Evil Queen (who is played by a Playmobil character).  Anyway, I discovered I have a typical formula for performance, reading text in front of a video while wearing a costume.  My costume this time is super simple, but in the past I have been an astronaut and Alice.  And music!  This time it’s the God Save the Queen (the British Anthem), Greensleeves, and God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols.  So I’m pretty happy with it, it has come together well. 

I’ve also got my screening here in Saskatoon on Sunday at the Broadway Theatre, which I am excited about.  I hope I get a good crowd!

I’m so tired! 

I’m giving up on love again.  I’m tired of sayin it to people who don’t want to hear it.  I don’t really have any love possibilities these days anyway.  Everyone I liked has already rejected me at least once, and it seems kind of futile to try again.  I sent a message to someone a while back and she never replied.  I guess that’s rejection?  It seems like I should take the hint anyway.  Ugh!

Aside from that crumby stupid stuff, things are good.  I might have a short and sweet job during the Jazzfest.  It would give me enough money for a tattoo, which would make me super happy as one of my arms feels too bare.  I had this envelope from the Corporate Registry which I avoided opening for three days and then when I finally opened it, it was totally not a big deal and was just a return I have to do which means saying all this info is the same and here is my eighty dollars so I can remain incorporated.  So I guess I will stay incorporated for another year.

I am trying to keep coming up with opportunities to make arty stuff and ride this nice wave of recognition I am getting with my career.  I was on CBC Radio One last Thursday talking about Boi Oh Boi and when I was gonna be a guy.  And I had my work presented in a conference in Victoria or someplace like that, which is nice.  And I am scanning all my email announcements looking for possible funding situations and stuff to make SOMETHING!  I’m not sure what.  I have a few ideas brewing.  Grant writing season will start in August or so for the October 1st deadlines, and I will be working hard on something for that.  Every so often I get an email from a festival that got my email from Tribeca, so it’s kind of nice to see fests wanting me to submit.

I went to Regina this past weekend for Queer City Cinema and it was pretty awesome, I saw almost all the screenings and I got to see my friends and Blair was there and let me stay with her and she was super fun because we have great conversations.  The art of conversation is important.  Sometimes I am such a jerk at making conversation because I am bored and don’t want to say anything, but I think that has to do with the content of the conversation.  Anyway Blair and I have interesting things to talk about, same with her boyfriend who is pretty cool.

I should get to bed, I have to get up earlyish and flip my laundry, find my birth certificate, eject this DVD, important things like that before we hit the road.  It doesn’t take that long to drive to PA though, not as long as it takes to get to Regina!  Probably half as long.  Mom always wants to go to Fat Burger when we go there, I hope I can persuade her to try someplace else.

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