General roundup

I went to Gay AA tonight.  It was good, I liked how friendly people were.  I still don’t like parts of the AA/NA steps.  I guess it’s the God thing.  Maybe because it’s a roundabout thing for me.  I see God as being a network of all things in the universe including myself, so when I give my power over or whatever I’m really just putting the responsibility back on myself.  It’s a little weird.  I’d prefer to be in a program that took personal responsibility for being sober and didn’t act like we were totally powerless because I think that’s bunk to a certain extent.  I mean, when the doctor’s office called and told me I couldn’t drink anymore, I stopped.  That’s sort of powerful.

I also had a booster juice today which made me happy.  I love booster juices.

I had this massively hot erotic dream the other morning and I wanted to wake up and jerk off but I couldn’t because my piercing is still sore.  It’s stopped bleeding long ago, but I am still avoiding handling it besides for cleaning.  I think I poked it once just to feel the metal, but that was about it.

I’m feeling super emotional these days.  It’s kind of nice actually, I haven’t cried in a few weeks, but just knowing that those cry eyes aren’t so far away is comforting.  It’s sort of healing to cry.

I am gonna go to the bipolar group next week.  I’m hoping it’s still a friendly place.  They used to call me up to give me a heads up to bring money for pizza and stuff.  I actually really like them, so I am looking forward to going back. 

And concurrent disorders is on Friday! 😀

I have been looking into nipple piercing.  Apparently it’s the only thing besides surgery that can “fix” inverted nipples, and I kind of want mine fixed.  I read one experience about it though that was pretty negative, her nipples were trying to invert themselves again and they were mucking up the piercings and she had to take them out in the end.  Also I have to find out about how the sensation is after piercing.  Already my nipples are fairly desensitized and I don’t like it, I am hoping if they stick out they will feel as sensitive as other women with regular nipples.  Who knows?  I hear they hurt a lot to pierce though and that they take forever to heal. 

Then again I like sticking needles in myself even when I am not getting jewelry. 

We got a new puppy, I don’t know if I mentioned her.  Her name is Dora and she is a corgi.  She’s so freaking cute!  She’s on my bed right now trying to find a good place to sleep.  I love her!  She’s Mum’s dog actually, but she is super smart and friendly and funny.  Little Mister savaged her today for getting close to his food.  Poor Dora!  She had a little wet neck from where he grabbed her and made her cry!  We met her when she was super little, I think she was three weeks old or something?  She was the complainy one, she made little cheep cheep noises if you didn’t hold her the way she liked.  She remains a very vocal little pup, she likes to punctuate the silence with little play barks, and she cries when she’s unhappy, and if she gets hurt she yelps longer than any dog I’ve met!  Poor baby!  I like that she’s so vocal though, because besides when someone is at the door our dogs are pretty quiet. 

Anyway, blah blah.  I think I have more to say but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have to get up early to get Little Mister to his grooming appointment.  He needs a shave and wash and a nail trimming!

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