Nothing to worry about

So I am just going to for now ignore most of what happened yesterday which was messy and ugly, and try to explain what happened without pissing off my mom again.  ANYWAY, she told me I was evicted, we had a big row, it was awful, I cried myself to sleep and spent five hours looking for jobs and places to live, and then this morning she apologized for swearing at me BUT not for the fight, but she explained it was the other roommate that was really stressing her out and she said I could stay if I wanted to.

So I felt a bit better, then she read the blog I had written and got mad again, and then I erased it to salvage our relationship, and then she just muttered that I was a minor jerk when we went to see Grandma and Grandpa.  And I did the dishes I was supposed to finish and cleaned the bathroom and got rid of the smell in my room and we went out to the movies and for dinner and things seem to be much better.

I did get a response about a place to live, but she hasn’t sent me any pictures like she said she would so I am not sure if it is still a possibility or not.  For now I am just leaving it.  I have given up looking for a place to live and I am going to focus on waiting out these last ten days with the bad roommate and hope that our lives improve when he is gone.

So that’s that.

Tomorrow I am beginning my fitness routine again.  I had been thinking about it for a while, and I read that the first two weeks after getting an Industrial you SHOULDN’T work out, so today was two weeks since it has been pierced.  So I’m ready tomorrow.  I found my lock for the lockers and I have gym shoes and a headband for head sweat.  I don’t have a gym bag.  I might appropriate one of mom’s.  I am going to do something different this time, I am going to do some strength training.  I want muscly arms.  The kinds that fill out a t shirt nicely.  I read this total butch porn about the glory of white t shirts today, they were talking about men wearing them but butch women look pretty awesome in them too.  I think they just accentuate masculinity in this nice working class way. Anyway, I need some popeye arms that make women shiver when they imagine getting fisted by me!  LOL!  That’s kind of overkill actually.  Even Madonna arms are overkill.  I just want a little definition and the ability to carry sleepy tired puppies for a couple of blocks if need be.

We took Dora, the new corgi, to the Vet last week and I had to carry her part of the way back because she got tired and just wanted to lay down.  I guess the shots she got were supposed to make her tired.  But I had a hard time carrying her two blocks.  4.5 kg isn’t a lot, but my arms were weak.

My ear feels weird.  Like crusty.  Which is normal.  It’s got lymph on it because it’s healing.  And will be for the next six months to a year.  I’m excited for when it is done healing.  This time I think it will work, it’s been remarkably good since I got it and not very painful at all, not compared to what I remember anyway.  I might even get more cartilage piercings in the other ear next year.  Different ones, but in the upper ear too.  We will see.

Okay, I have to get up at 10 tomorrow morning for this exercise, so I should go.  I just wanted to update y’all on the situation.  Nothing to worry about here.

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