writing in a blackout

There is a blackout here.  BLACKOUT!  It’s super boring.  My phone died after providing me with enough Flashlight App to find my little Mister who had disappeared under my bed and was hiding out!  He wouldn’t come when I called him until he saw my light.  And then I held him while he trembled with fear.  Poor tyke!  I guess he doesn’t like power outages, I didn’t realize he was so attached to electricity! 
I’m writing with my laptop, just trying to remember how to have fun with no power.  I could always masturbate, at least my vibrator is charged!  I think . . .  I’m so bored!  Why is the power out?  It’s depressing!  I wonder if it is out at Grandma’s too! 
I got an artist fee today.  That was exciting.  I am getting a haircut tomorrow and also seeing about getting a tattoo.  I hope I get one!  😀  Yeeeeee!  Tattoo prices have gone up since I last got one, by about 60 bucks an hour!  That’s quite the steep jump!  Yikes!
I’m really tired, but I don’t want to go to bed with no power.  The power came on for like, a second, and everything turned on and then turned off again.  It was such a tease!
I saw my psych nurse today, that was alright.  I didn’t have much to say.  Things are good, or could be good, or are up in the air.  I don’t know about that job yet, which is worrisome.
I miss my ex’s posts on Facebook, she deactivated her profile.  It was just nice seeing her name pop up in my feed.  Oh well, maybe she will come back.
What else?  Jeez, this is a long black out.  I don’t understand, if they got the power working for one second, why did it go out again?  What’s going on?  And there were power outages elsewhere in the city earlier today too.  Are they doing rolling blackouts?  That seems ridiculous! 
My eyes hurt.  They always hurt when I put this moisturizer on.  It makes me think maybe I shouldn’t wear it.  Also I am tired.
I miss having power!  We should get a generator if the world is going to hell.  It might help.  I read a depressing article about how it’s way too late to save the world and places on earth are going to be too hot to be habitable by human beings.  And that we are just going to watch ourselves die off basically.   See, and this is why I am not having kids, we’re not giving future generations fuck all to work with!  It’s all because of apathy and soulless corporations fucking over humanity.  They should be charged with crimes against humanity for poisoning the world.  And it also looks like the Pacific Ocean is going to be dead pretty soon because of the radiation from Fuckushima.  Shit!  What a waste!  What have we learned?  Nothing!  We’re just committing suicide and taking everything with us. 
Anyway, bah!  I hate humanity somedays.
Little Mister is hiding in his crate behind me.  Poor guy.  He’s in his Thundershirt and everything,
Crap!  29 minutes left of my computer’s battery.  I’m bummed out.  The power had better come back!  I have barely any time left!
I have a good idea for my next grants!  Yay!  I am pleased about that. 
Where is the power?  What the hell Saskpower??? 
I’m tired of listening to the warning beep telling us we have no power, because it’s obvious we have no power and we don’t need no stupid beep reminding us!
FUCK!  Where is the power!  This is messed up!  It’s been well over an hour now!  And my phone is dead, and the house phone is dead, and my computer’s gonna die, and fuck then what do I do????  ARG!  I’m so bored!  I guess I could go to bed.  But what a crappy night.
Weird, it’s that powwow music again.  Every so often some car comes by playing loud powwow music.  It’s bizarre.  I thought we were the only Indians living in this neighborhood. 
Bedtime.  I don’t want to go to bed in the dark!  I know I am gonna turn the lights out anyway, but pitch black bedtime is weird!  I hate you SaskPower!  You suck!

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