Diminished Dreams

I haven’t heard about the residency yet.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get news!

I had to do some work today and got a thing uploaded and then my Mom was like “Do you want to come for a car ride?  We’re taking Grandpa to the doctor and he usually gets in really quick so it won’t take long.”  And so I go with her and Grandpa and he was at the doctor’s for TWO HOURS!  They did take him in quick, but everything they had to do took so long, an xray, a urine sample, it was highly involved!  He’s fine he just needs to take some pills for a while.  But oy!  I was sitting there playing with my phone and I got bored on Facebook so I went to Tumblr but my dash was full of naked ladies with their legs spread so I had to go to Twitter and then Savage Love just to have a more appropriate screen.  Awkward!

And then after all that we had to get his prescription filled, and then we had to visit my sister, and then we finally went home!  And I relaxed for a little bit and then I went back to work on my Final Report for SAB.  It’s pretty much done!  I just need to make a DVD and make a copy of another receipt and then I am ready to submit it to their office!  So I am gonna work on that tomorrow and take it down to the office.  I also have to do a Canada Council final report, but I have decided not to apply for the Oct 1 deadline because I don’t have a project for them yet.  Someday!  Probably in March I will apply again.  Arty business!

I have to write some grants, I am applying for a slightly larger grant from SAB, hopefully I get it.  I’m gonna apply for a web series. 

What else?  Dora the Corgi is getting bigger, and more polite!  Right now she is eating a moth.  Actually she got bored of the moth, she just killed it. 

I have too much of a tender heart for this world.  I hate cruelty, and yet I eat meat.  And I can’t NOT eat meat, because I end up feeling sickly when I am just eating everything else.  And I hate reading news and terrible things that happen to animals.  UGH!  It really fucks up my day.  Oddly enough I don’t feel so bad about terrible things happening to people, which is really weird.  Animals seem more innocent I guess. 

Little Mister needs his teeth done or he is gonna have to get extractions.  And it’s gonna cost me 600 bucks.  Sigh.  I really need a larger income.  Somehow I will have a decent life!  I’ll get a big contract to make a movie and make my fortune on the back end when everyone wants to see it and own it and show it. 

The funny thing is I used to have big dreams about being rich and living in a giant house, and now I just want enough money for some really basic things.  Like a condo and a car and to be able to pay for internet and cable and regular bills, and to go on vacations from time to time.  I wonder how I am going to do that.  Sad to see dreams diminish. 

Well, I think I am going to get all the pups to bed and do a tarot reading for my life.  I did one about my love life and now I think I need one for my career, since I am career minded these days.  I hope I hear tomorrow about that job! 

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