A Change in Seasons is as Good as a Rest

It’s now September.  Ding!  Time to get excited about a brand new season, fall!  Named after the falling leaves I assume!  I am actually looking forward to it, the crisp bite to the air, the crunch of the dead leaves underfoot, drinking endless cups of fruity teas, settling in for a good knitting session with a pal, going for walks along a golden treed riverbank with cute girls, baking pies and cakes and so forth because it’s not so horribly hot!  I am gonna get to renew my leisurecard this November, which will be super good.  Another year of possible fitness.  I haven’t used it much this past year.

What else?  Oh, I dunno, I am happy that summer is over, even though I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot.  Spring was exciting because I went to New York, but summer was quiet and except for One Night In Estevan I really didn’t go anywhere. 

I have some work to do.  Tomorrow afternoon I am helping a friend with some compression issues.  I have to work on making a video downloadable.  I have to copy some video files onto my computer for editing.  I have to write a travel grant and an Individual Artist Grant by October 1st.  I have to get some videos into the mail.  Being a full time artist involves a lot of work, which some people who aren’t artists don’t recognize.  It’s hard too because you have to be really cognizant of your time and deadlines and stuff, and when you tell friends you have work to do sometimes they don’t get it or see it as real work.

I couldn’t be a full time artist if I wasn’t on disability.  I really don’t make much money from my practice, except for the odd occasion when I get a big grant.  Thank god for disability!

I’ve also got to get working on my book again.  I’ve only got 64 pages.  I was hoping to end up with at least 200 pages.  300 would be sweet!  It’s not going to be a ginourmous book though.  I doubt it will be a best seller, it will be an artists book.  

In the last year of film school we had a class called “Professional Practices” and it was all about applying for grants and writing an artist statement and shit like that, and pitching and stuff, and actually that was probably one of the most useful classes I took.  Sometimes I think I have to apply myself more to my practice and then I would really get somewhere, but then Mom reminds me we live in Canada and there isn’t a great deal of money for film.  STILL!  There must be a way to make a living at it.

I would teach but no one wants me in a graduate program so obviously that’s out of reach.

ANYWAY!  Enough career blabs.  I have other good news!  As a constant reader of Susan Miller’s astrology zone I have finally read a horoscope for the month that says I have a good chance of meeting someone special!  I have to circulate for the next two weeks.  Tomorrow I am going to go to a BDSM munch down the street.  I know it’s usually straightish people that are there, but one never knows.  Friday I have to do something, maybe I will go dancing. 

I don’t have enough money to take Cree lessons from the University, BUT there are supposed to be free Cree lessons at Oskayak which I am going to start next week.  I am gonna work really hard and aim to have a rudimentary conversation with my Grandpa by the end of it!

Anyway, I can’t think of anything else to write.  I am going to go back to skimming this blog for entries to put in my book, and also waiting for this video to transfer to my Flashdrive.

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