White Tears

I got this really weird message today from a friend who told me some white guy accused me of being a bully and unfriended her because she agreed with me about something on facebook that happened in November!  He had said this First Nations veteran who brought a Mohawk Warrior flag to a Remembrance Ceremony was being disruptive and deserved to get arrested, and I had disagreed because that Veteran had brought that flag to Remembrance Day ceremonies before with no problems!  Anyway, I’m the big Native bully now.  White tears.

Whatever, that’s not what this whole post is gonna be about at all, I just found it so remarkable that I needed to mention it.

I died in HabitRPG.  I died on Sunday and since then I got serious about it and have been working SUPER HARD at accomplishing my goals.  Most of them are basic things like Wake Up Early (11am counts as early for me, but I’m gonna push it back to 10am), floss, eat breakfast.  Some are chores like making supper and cleaning my room and doing laundry and stuff.  So today I cleaned the bathroom hoping I could get my sword back.  Oh yes, and I lost my sword when I died!  I have NOTHING!  Mom is totally happy about this making me do chores and stuff.  It does make the grim realities of life seem more enjoyable!  Like, I have flossed every day this week for the points. 

My transcript showed up today, so I scanned and uploaded it.  Also now I am able to see all of my marks.  There was one spring session and one fall session that were just horrible.  I actually failed a class, and I don’t even remember taking it!  Like, did I even go to that class?  It’s got me baffled!  I remember the instructor was just teaching us webpage building out of a book in the first session of it, and then the second, it’s like a big blank in my head!  I remember I was having hardcore mental health problems in that semester.  It was really hard.  I got C’s in almost all my classes except the one I got an F in.  But I also made a film that I won an award for, soooooo, whatever, grades are weird.

Anyway, if anything is gonna fuck me over, it’s that semester.  The rest of my marks were mainly B’s, B+, B-, B.  They told me in first year that A was for Art Student.  But that’s not so helpful when you later want to go to Grad school.  B is for Busy Student. C is for Can’t Deal. F is for Fuckkkkkkkk.

I’m doing pretty good otherwise, I hope I get notified if I got into Grad School in March, because then I can do my Canada Council Grant for the March 31 deadline. 

I went with my Mom to the Field House today and we walked the track.  We only did half an hour.  It was really nice, Mom says you only have to do half an hour of exercise three times a week, but I kind of liked when I would do an hour.  Anyway, I am just starting again, so I should ease myself into it anyway.

My Mars books showed up today.  I read the beginning of The Case For Mars by Robert Zubrin.  I’m gonna read more before I go to sleep.  I think I used to have that book, I left it at the apartment I was subletting in Montreal a long time ago.  Anyway, it has been updated.  And I also got Destination Mars by Rod Pyle. 

Grandma has rallied.  She is really tired, but she’s stopped going super downhill.  I hope she’s okay, but I will also understand when she passes.  It’s a weird situation.  Aging and dying, or not dying.

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