I filled out an application for an Artist In Residence at a secret place that I hope to go to this year.  It’s competitive so I don’t want to jinx myself by blabbing too much about it.  Just that it would be AWESOME!  It would also take me away from my baby, Little Mister, for a while.  That’s the hard part of being an artist and dog owner, sometimes there is the chance to go away for something exciting, but you have to leave the pup behind.  And he’s really adorable and grounding for me, so it’s weird to leave him.  It would be worse if he was my child!  I don’t know how parents do residencies away from home.

I was busy with that all day today.  I gave myself until the end of tomorrow to do it then I was gonna get back to my project, but it didn’t need so much time.  It was fairly easy to do.  I will be okay if I don’t get it, it’s just the sort of thing you have to throw your hat in the ring for, just in case.  It didn’t cost anything to apply either, super sweet!

Little Mister was nosing me today while I was talking to Mom.  He wanted attention.  It was so cute, he’s never done that to me before.  OMG!  He is so cute!  I picked him up and told him how cute he was.

I had a good texty conversation with my friend in Toronto, it was all private stuff that I’m not gonna disclose here, BUT it was really nice to blab to him and hear his thoughts about life.  I’m gonna see him in a few weeks.  Feb 9 – 12 I will be in Toronto, after my gig in Kingston.  I am going to Kingston for ReelOut, which should be fun.  I’m on a panel so I have to think of interesting blab blab.  And they are screening a couple of videos.

Well, I should go to bed I guess.  When I start getting tired at this time of night there’s not much more productive stuff I can do.  I sort of peter off.  And if I push it I end up writing voluminous emails to exlovers about the past and feelings.  Ugh!  That’s not good for anybody!

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