Me and the Pups

Little Mister has become some kind of super pup since his teeth got fixed.  He was running around earlier like he was on amphetamines, carrying Hermione’s Yak Of Power in his mouth and tossing it around, daring Hermione to chase him and get it back.  He was so cute, and it made me laugh and laugh.  Aw!  My little boy!  I’m so glad he’s so happy.  He is REALLY happy.  Adorable boy.

I’m super tired.  It’s after midnight and I should probably go to bed.  I had a weird dream last night about this woman and man who were on fire and coming towards me, walking like it was normal for them to be on fire.  It felt like an omen or something, like it MEANT something.  I don’t know what.  It wasn’t scary though, not as scary as that black horse chasing me that I knew was God, that was a sort of unsettling dream.

I’ve been having super weird drinking urges these days, which makes me think I should get my ass back to Concurrent Disorders group.  Also this evening I started getting a headache.  Just this weird frontal lobe headache, which is WEIRD for me because I rarely ever get headaches.  I think I’m gonna take a break from looking at a screen tomorrow and try to read these books I got for research purposes.

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