Writing! :D

I’ve got the first rough draft of my first webisode written! 😀  Each one is only 3 minutes, so I have to pack a lot into three pages.  YAY!  I feel accomplished!  I was promising to start writing on February 1st. and it’s only the Tuesday after February 1st.  Now I just have 9 more left to go!  Whew!

I hope I can keep this up!  Tomorrow morning I have my dietician appointment, and then we are going to the Casino for a little bit.  Then back home I guess, to write a bit more.  I’m leaving the day after that to go to Kingston for ReelOut.  I’m looking forward to getting away for a little bit.  What else?

Oh, I guess I don’t feel so depressed that I am diabetic.  I felt a little more reassured by my doctor. I am gonna work really hard at keeping myself healthy.  There’s so much I want to do with my life, I don’t want it shortened or made worse.

I also had this little moment of hope the other day.  I sort of just came to the conclusion that ONE DAY I will get a girlfriend.  And that it’s okay I’m so picky.  I mean, I’m only picky about reasonable things, like that they shouldn’t be racist and shit like that.  They have to be a decent human being and that isn’t having high standards because I have those standards for everyone.

Well, I guess I should head to bed.  There’s not much else to say, I just wanted to mention I have a good start on this scriptwriting portion of my webseries.

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