Posey Puppy

I got a new puppy recently, on Valentines Day.  She’s been SUPER cute and only a little bratty.  Her name is Posey, as in Parker Posey.  She’s a red smooth mini dachshund.  She is about 13 weeks old now, super tiny!  Hermione and Little Mister were a little chilly towards her at first, but Hermione warmed up to her and they played on Mom’s bed.  Sometimes they will cuddle up in Posey’s bed and sleep together, which is super cute.

Posey likes me, she bonded to me really fast.  She cries when I am away, unless she has someone to play with.  She likes to sleep in my lap, and Little Mister likes to lay on the right arm of the chair, and I like to use my laptop, so there has been some dog/laptop juggling going on.  I took her to our vet the first day we had her because she was due for her second set of shots and I wanted to make sure she was healthy.  She is.  The vet was happy with her and she is scheduled for her spaying in March.  Baby girl!

Here is what she looks like!

Baby Posey Cuthand on her first day home!
Baby Posey Cuthand on her first day home!

She turns bratty at a specific time of day.  When we are in bed and the lights are on and I am on my laptop she goes all wild trying to bite my fingers.  And she’s got pointy sharp puppy teeth so it is super annoying.  But the weird thing is as soon as I turn the lights off she calms down and goes to sleep.

Anyway, I wanted to update my blog because I got busy and didn’t write in it for a while.  So here is an update!  DOGGY! LOVE!  BABY!

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