So my Cousin Deanna has been staying with us the last couple of months.  She left a house where our other cousin, Steven, was staying.  Anyway, today we found out his house was on fire.

And not just like, a little fire.  It was a big fire.  We dropped by to see the damage and find out if anyone who lived there was still around.  The roof was full of holes, and the 2nd and 3rd floor windows were blown out with smokey soot stains all along the outside.  Steven came around the corner looking totally depressed.  I guess he was the one who noticed the fire.  Anyway, its completely uninhabitable.  A couple of fire people came up to us to ask Steven questions, and one of them was an old friend from high school!  It was her first day following the fire inspector around.  We had a quick chat and she gave a speech on fire safety issues when it comes to hoarding.  One of Steven’s roommates had a lot of stuff and that’s why they had to make a hole in the roof and hose it down that way.

Anyway, it’s been a dramatic day.  Steven had gotten a new place to live for the end of the month anyway, BUT it’s the end of the month, still like, under three weeks away.  So he is staying with us.

I’m doing ok, but Mom is worrying about the condo she was trying to buy and wondering if she will even be approved for a mortgage because she has no job.  Pretty gloomy!  We are fixing up the house anyway, I’m pretty keen on getting away from the shitty neighbors.  Their kids have no boundaries.  They were raised in the country and don’t know anything about city living or being respectful.


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