Productive Me

We got our status card applications in! 😀 They say two or three months before we get them. WOooooo! FINALLY!

I have been readying myself to make the switch from FCPX to Adobe Premiere, and today I took the first real step, I went to a workshop at PAVED Arts and learned the basics PLUS a bit of effects like colour correction, and also how to find the titler. I’m pretty pumped! I just want to jump into editing something, but my big project hasn’t been shot yet, the script isn’t even done. STILL I may do some practice editing and just make a little silly thing to experiment.

We’ve been keeping the house super clean for viewings. It’s alright. We had to get up at 9am this morning to clean and get out with the pups for a 10am viewing. It was rainy and miserable. And then when we got home I had a nap before my workshop.

I’ve been watching Orange Is The New Black. The writers for that show, man! They write some amazing lines! And I love the casting. It’s pretty much my favorite tv show right now. ESPECIALLY because it is so focused on women’s lives. And like, ALL types of women, EXCEPT I don’t know why there are no Indigenous women. But the USA kind of forgets we exist. I think they are embarrassed of us, you know, with that whole stealing our land and committing genocide thing.

I’m in a good mood. Little bit tired. We had a garage sale yesterday, got rid of some big stuff but a lot of stuff we ended up putting in the car and taking to Value Village. The annoying neighbor kids hung around us THE WHOLE TIME!

Anyway, I feel super productive these days. I’m using this new app called Life Coach, it’s free! It helps you set goals and then make a list of tasks which will help you reach that goal. And it will set up notifications to remind you about reviewing your tasks. It’s really nice to see all of the tasks for a goal finished.

I should go! It’s almost supper time!

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