So I finally got to the bottom of my laptop problems, a faulty graphics card.  The Graphics card in a Macbook is attached to the Logic Board.  The logic board is a major piece of a computer (from what I have gathered) and cost me $904 with taxes and labour to replace.  Crap!  So I paid it.  I had to scrounge up a bunch of money and also borrow 130 from my mom.  I have six dollars and sixty six cents in my bank account.  I’m doing a performance at the end of the month, which will give me some more money towards my move.

OOh! Just got 60 bucks reimbursed from my kennel I had to buy for Little Mister! 😀

Anyway, I am working on some writing, finally.  I got interrupted a bunch of times with taking my computer in to get fixed and stuff.  I actually resorted to longhand for a monologue I am doing in Regina soon.  It’s only three pages in, and I need ten minutes, so it’s gonna be a while!

I’m still waiting to hear from my reserve if I have been funded to go to school.  It’s taking a really long time!

Besides the whole thing with my computer, I’ve also been dealing this week with a letter from Canada Council saying I was ineligible to apply to the last grant deadline, along with a copy of a final report form for me to fill out.  The thing was that my final report was approved in March, and I had put it in the mail just before the deadline.  So I wanted to know what the hell happened and sent an email Monday with a copy of my stub saying the final report had been approved, didn’t hear anything for days, sent another email Thursday, and then on Friday got an email basically saying that since it wasn’t approved by the deadline I was ineligible.  I still don’t know why they waited until all the official grant results came out to tell me that (four months later), and didn’t tell me earlier.  Also I don’t know if they pulled it before the peer assessment process or after.  Also I have sent final reports and grant applications in at the same time before and it’s been okay, so I don’t know why this time was different.  I’m really frustrated with their handling of this situation, and I hope if this is their new policy that they apply it equally to all applicants. It feels really unfair and I am pretty angry, especially that I had to send three emails to find out why this had happened.  Because the gist I got from the letter was that the officer didn’t even know I had put my final report in at all.

And then when I was having my really bad day, my perpetually teenage cousin decided to be a big sociopath on my wall and say a bunch of hurtful things.  She’s busy with her addictions and being an asshole, so I said some things back.  Then I blocked her, on facebook, on my cell, and on Instagram.  I think that’s all the places she knows where I am. Oh!  Ha ha, she is on Fetlife, I guess I should block her there too.  Although she just posts pics I don’t want to see anyway!

Don’t be friends with your relatives on Fetlife!  Nooooo! Bad idea!

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