Posey is on my neck squashing my head!

My gofundme is going well!  I’ve raised $800 so far!  Yay!  I’m feeling like I might make my goal!

I also got some back gst today!  Which is what I was hoping for before I move.  And it will go to my movers, so that’s good!!

I’m still woefully unaware of funding decisions for school and I have no clue about being given a TA/GA-ship.  I have to apply, but they aren’t posting any that are in my field yet.  I think they said they would post them in the middle of August.

I need to get serious about packing.  There are assorted things I have to do.  Like get my iPhone unlocked.  And call the vet and get some kennel cough stuff for my dogs done in case they have to go to the kennel in Toronto while I find a place.  Really I should just make a list of things to do.  I have a place to stay now when I get to Toronto, except it’s not in Toronto it’s in Mississauga.  BUT I can stay with my pups, and I can come to Toronto a few times before I move to look for places and get my student id and stuff.  I’m thinking of asking a friend in Toronto to let me use their mailing address for my mail.  Just while I find a more permanent place.

My grandpa keeps asking if I have enough money for school, and I don’t, YET! But I think/hope I will be okay.  I have about three back up plans going right now. So hopefully one of them will work out for me.  Or ALL of them will work out and then I can cancel some and go with the best option.  So it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing.  And it’s so close, I mean school starts in less than a month!

The other thing that has me panicking is the search for a home for September.  I have been looking for months but either places are too expensive or they don’t want dogs living with them.  Right now my cousin and I are looking for a two bedroom, but I don’t know anymore if that is for sure because she had to spend a lot of money on her dog’s vet bills and I’m not sure she can afford first and last month’s rent anymore.  I’m hoping I will find a place. I’m reducing my requirements for a home, in particular in regards to location, just so I will have a better chance of finding something.  But I am not sure what’s gonna happen.  Also having no idea of my living allowance is freaking me out a bit, and hindering my ability to confidently state my rental budget.

I read that homeless women in Toronto are getting sexually assaulted frequently and it made me freak out a bit because I don’t want to wind up homeless in a big city, AGAIN, and I’m not sure how I could do school and having dogs without a place to live.  Ugh.  Moving sucks ass, man!  It seems so exciting, but there are so many terrible pitfalls to it. Especially when you have pets.

So blah!  I look at the ryerson taga site every weekday, and the off campus housing listings, and kijiji, and craigslist, and viewit, and two facebook groups for rental properties which are mostly looking for roommates.  And it’s pretty boring.  And really we can’t go look at any places until I get there, because now my cousin can’t even afford to go to Toronto once a week for viewings.  🙁

Stress sucks.  Blah!

So that’s what I’ve been doing!  Not very exciting. Change is such a weird process. I’ve stopped looking at profiles on OKC because I’ve stopped being remotely interested in potential girlfriends. Like, where would I take them?  I think I’ll be more interested when I’m settled a little bit more.  When I have a schedule and a place to live.  It will happen, eventually. I’m starting to think about looking for a sublet for September, but also I think I should just find a place for good for September.

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