Crappy short post

So a whole bunch of stuff happened.  Like Robin Williams died.  And I don’t have time to write a decent post about it now, because a whole bunch of stuff is still happening.  Like I am moving in about 28.5 hours! I will be on a plane, taking off, leaving this little prairie city behind!

With my dogs!  And I am still feeling guilty about upending their lives, but the vet says dogs are very adaptable with moves and just want to be with you, and she says small breeds do well in big cities, better than big pups.  So they should be okay.  We even found the other thundershirt!  TWO thundershirts on TWO dogs!  Keeping them calm through the plane ride!

Well, I really was gonna write more, but it’s late (or super early depending how you think of it) and I should go to bed.  Tomorrow I have my last haircut with Carolynn, go to the Coach for the last time with Deanna, see Shar for the last time, and then spend most of the evening with my Mom, before having basically a nap and then getting in the car to go to the airport at 3:50am to check in pups and stuff.

I’m sleepy!

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