Student Loans! A happy ending? Also Barky Face likes to Bark.

So things are starting to look up.  I got some money gifted to me from a relative who has been helping out.  AND I called the Student Loans people and they say I have been approved!  Something is coming in the mail and I fill it out and return it and get some cash!  Whew!  Thank god for that, it was getting desperate!  It was such a long hard struggle to get the restriction taken off.  I was ready to give up so many times!  If it hadn’t been for my friend Margaret lending me money to pay off the interest and two monthly payments I would have been screwed!

And the funny thing is that I got a notice recently that suggests they may have decided to forgive the rest of my loan!  I’m not sure, but I got something that said my remaining balance was 0.00.  So maybe??

I’m in contact with the admin person of my department about my Residential School Personal Credits form, because I took it to the Fees department and they didn’t want to fill it out, and then she asked if Financial Aid would do it and they said Fees should do it and now Fees wants to look at the form and for god’s sakes it isn’t that difficult!  All they have to do is provide a contact person, an address, and say who the cheque for tuition should be made out to.  So it is frustrating me!  And I know there have to be other Indigenous students using Personal Credits for school at Ryerson, it can’t just be me! Anyway, blahhhhhhhh!  Grump grump grump.  Also there is a time limit for getting the damned thing in, it’s not until December 1st, but still that is coming up!

What else?  I had a really nice day with my friend Louis today, he cooked a chicken and a pie and made mashed yams and potatoes.  It was super nice.  And then I had to come back home for the pups.

The pups and I have gone on two long walks today.  It’s good because it’s tiring them out so they don’t get all antsy.  Posey was making me sleepy after the last walk because she was laying against my leg and warming me up and I just wanted to lay down and snooze for a while.  But I didn’t.

Yesterday when we walked by these teenagers one of them started talking to Posey about how cute she was and Posey started barking at her so the girl barked back!  Then tonight we walked by a repair guy and Posey barked at him and he threatened her with a hot dog bun!  I guess pups get away with being ornery when they are small and adorable!  Posey’s not really ornery though, she just likes to be in control.  Which is kind of funny/bad for someone so small!

Update: We went for the last walk of the night and Posey barked at a lady chatting on the street with her friend and the lady screamed!  So even though she is small, she is still intimidating with that barky face.  I told Posey to knock it off.  But she just likes barking at people.  Not everyone.  Just one person out of many that we pass on any one walk.  What a weirdo.



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