Back in T.O.

I’ve been back since New Years Eve.  Little Mister came through Westjet Cargo on the 7th and Posey came back yesterday, so I have my whole family back together!  Little fuzzy faces!

I have anxiety about my animals travelling.  So I was nervous.  But they were fine, even though it was SUPER cold both the days they travelled.  I’m glad no one left them outside.

Little Mister was due for his Senior Wellness Exam, he was going to get it in Saskatoon, but Mom slept in, so I took him to his new vet here in Toronto today.  It was our first time going on Transit.  He was a very good rider, although very squirmy and he kept trying to hide beside me. Everyone kept smiling at him because he is cute.  His vet thinks he’s so cute and so sweet and she just kind of fell in love with him.  She said he was really good when he got his blood taken.  I’m supposed to get a urine sample, I’m dubious.

He weighs five kilograms.

There is too much salt on the streets here! He’s gotten salt all over my pants while we rode the bus and streetcar.  I wiped his paws when we came home, but I have to do something about this.  I’m gonna get this stuff called Musher’s Secret, it’s a breathable wax you put on their paws that protects them.  I hope it works!

Posey was wary of him when she got home, and she had to inspect the whole apartment.  But she is back to being silly and happy and needy.  She got annoyed with me for sleeping in too much today and basically made me wake up.  Which is actually a good thing. Mom put her little bed/house thing in her crate, and I have it out by the foot of the bed.  She likes going inside it and beating it up!

Next week classes start!  I had a good break.  And I know where to go from here.

I have money still!  I am surprised!  It isn’t a lot, at all really, BUT it is still way more than I thought I would have at this point.  Especially after the cab ride to and from the cargo place AND Mister’s vet visit this week.

Also more money is coming in sooooooon! 🙂 February I get my disability grant of 1000 AND my regular living allowance. MONEY!

Also someone has invited me to start pitching a national radio show to do segments.  So hopefully I can get some gigs out of that!

And there is another possibility for money on the horizon!

I really hope my life works out here!

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