First week over!

The first week has wrapped up!  12 weeks to go!  Oi!

For the most part I like my classes.  I think the Narrative Writing class is gonna be awesome, same with the Gender and Race in Media class.  I did an introductory workshop for Protools with the TA for the audio-post class.  So I am gonna go again this weekend and do some tutorials to get up to speed.

I’m not yet intimidated by all the work I have to do, but it is coming!  I think one of these days I am going to the disability office to get some advice.  Even just seeing a counselor for an hour every week would be mega helpful.

Posey and Little Mister are being super cute.  The vet has said Little Mister is a little bit dehydrated, so now he gets a bit of wet food with his breakfast and supper.  Same with Pose.  They’ve been over the moon about eating ever since then, it is their favorite thing ever.

I need to bring back snacktime for them, but I haven’t found the ultimate dog cookie store yet.

This is my last semester of classes for this program!  It is such a short Masters degree!  BUT It is a lot of work!  I am writing a pilot for a tv show for my writing class, which has nothing to do with my script for my thesis project.  It’s gonna be called Bad Manors.  And it’s about a real apartment I lived in when I lived in the DTES.

Mom is enroute to Saskatoon from Winnipeg. She had a good talk out there and really liked it.  I’m glad. She’s being a full time artist right now so I am hoping things turn out well for her.  She’s been so poor for so long.

My writing prof said writers usually make only 11,000 to 12,000 a year from writing.  BUT he said there was still a chance to make a living off of it.  Also Netflix in Canada is going to be making content in the future here, so that’s promising.  In my Pro-Seminar a producer came in who depressed us all by saying that news was dead and that film was crap and tv was where it was at but also there wasn’t much money for it in Canada and we had to move to another country.

So it’s all a lot of conflicting information.  Really I just want to win the lottery and have an unending supply of money to fund my work with.  But the chances of that happening are rare.

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