Little Mister is much better!

Little Mister had an emergency vet visit about 12 days ago, the vet thought he might have a leaky disc in his spine.  So he was on crate rest for ten to fourteen days. He was very sore, even with the gabapentin they prescribed for him. BUT he got a lot better, and now he only goes in his crate when I can’t watch him. He’s not tip top just yet but he’s able to have more of a normal life than before. He was so bored, but then he started going in on his own and I think he knew it was good for him.


Posey has been trying to hump him the last couple of days and I keep pulling her off, but sometimes she does it behind my back and Little Mister has the most outraged yelp! Poor dude! She’s gotta learn!

I finished my first draft of my outline and my advisor wrote some notes on it for me to think about, but he has given the ok to move on to writing a first draft of my script.  So that’s pretty exciting!

I am almost done writing my grant for Canada Council. I just need a letter from my department head saying it has nothing to do with my graduate studies, which is true since it will happen after I am done anyway.

It’s really really cold here. I am staying home but it’s so freezing even inside! My hands feel numb. Little Mister goes and sleeps in the bathroom because it’s warmer. But my bed is warm enough, especially with Posey in it.  Smooth coated dachshunds throw off a lot of body heat, and they like being all the way under the covers.

I’m tired! I keep sleeping in.  It’s reading week so it doesn’t matter a whole lot, but I don’t want to fall into bad habits.

I was looking at jobs tonight out of curiousity. There are some interesting ones out there. I am not gonna start applying until I find out about this grant, but maybe in August I will look for something part time.

It’s cold and I want warm hands so I am going under the covers now! Goodnight!

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