Dramatic day!

Today had a surprising sequence of events!

First of all I woke up to an email inviting me to present my feature film project to the Ryerson Telefilm people who are going to decide who to recommend for the microbudget features program.  Which would get me a bunch of money!  Not lots, BUT still more than I have ever had before.

So I was all excited, and I have been pretty much excited ever since.  I had a really hard time concentrating on my afternoon of writing, which was supposed to get me notes for a presentation tomorrow morning.  I did get about 841 words written, so hopefully I can expand on that tomorrow for ten minutes.  I will speak slow!

And then on the way to class today I was walking along the subway platform when I saw this guy kind of stumble towards the platform on the tracks.  He was on the tracks!  And he and I both look and a train is coming.  So he did this weird thing where he kind of ducked out of the way and curled up under the ledge.  And the train stopped, it didn’t come into the station.  And there was this tense moment where we were wondering if he was gonna come out or not.  And then this TTC lady came along and a witness and I both told her there was a guy tucked under the ledge, so she went down to the tracks and found him and convinced him to get off and come with her.  She asked his name and he asked if it mattered and she said of course it does.  Anyway, he seemed pretty down, so I hope he is getting help now.  The service stopped on that whole line both ways for 20-25 minutes.  And it was just after 5 so it was right during rush hour.

But he lived!  yay!  I was kind of horrified when it first started happening, I didn’t want to see someone die in front of me.  But he didn’t get hit!

So it was a funny day, from feeling super euphoric to watching someone have a really bad day.  And then class after that was good.

I’m tired!  I should curl up in bed!

Little Mister did a play bow today to Posey and we watched her run around all happy, so that was nice.  I think his back is getting way way better.  He’s nearly back to normal.  He just needs to get sexually inappropriate with Posey again and I’ll know he’s fine!

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