3 weeks left!!! OMFG!

There are three weeks left of class! OMFG! It’s crunchy time!

My new toaster is very nice. But I have run out of bread for it. I made bannock instead! That’s helping me out.
Yesterday was the day for the veggie food bank here in Toronto so I went and got a whole bunch of produce and staples and tofu and soy milk. I’m gonna make a stir fry tomorrow. I went later in the day and said yes to everything (except the plantains!) and dragged three bags home that wore on my fingers and almost gave me a blister! Yikes! But it’s super nice to have a lot of food for the last ten days of the month when I have no money!

I made vegetarian chili with some of my last dollars, it turned out excellent except I didn’t have room to add the corn. Oh well.

Little Mister was coughing and coughing, I think he got a cheerio down the wrong tube. Poor lil’ guy! He’s fine now, snoozing by my pillow.

Oh I just took my pants off and got into bed and I am wondering why I waited so long!!??

My cousin Deanna has been poor for a long time (worse than me!) but she is really good at finding resources. She just moved to Victoria and every time I talk to her she has just gone to the food bank or she is going somewhere for soup and sandwiches. I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of that stuff. I used to go get sandwiches in Vancouver. But in Saskatoon mom and I split groceries and we managed to live ok, most of the time we had food.

Poverty is a funny thing.

I’m not sure if my grant application was recieved. I lost my receipt and when I sent an email to the officer he never replied. So I don’t know if I should wait for a result or what. I never got a thing in the mail saying they recieved my grant either, and the deadline was on the 1st of March. It’s pretty irritating, because that really makes an impact on my life and the last time I submitted the grant they refused it because my final report wasn’t in on time, but they didn’t tell me that until official results came out for everyone which really pissed me off. Canada Council what the fuck?


Oh! Actually I just checked and I sent them the email on the 20th and it’s the 22nd so maybe he needs a couple more days to see what happened to my grant. Sigh.

I recently put all my deadlines in my calendar! It doesn’t look too bad! 🙂

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