Rollerskate Lady

This last week has been busy! I am proud to say I got everything done on time. Yesterday afternoon I handed in an essay before my invigilation shift. Then I worked hard and finished up my second essay today and emailed it to the prof. Now I have the weekend to myself, and the last thing due is my second draft of my pilot. So I think I’m doing ok!

I got my essay done in time to go meet my friend Emmy and her friend Hisayo to go to Missisauga on the go train to Scooters Roller Rink! 😀

I am really terrible at rollerskating! BUT I went up and down on the carpeted area. I kept falling in the actual rink and I was all nervous because I am not as fast healing as I was when I was a kid. So I kept worrying about like, hurting my knee or something. Or hitting my head!

It was still really fun tho! And Emmy gave me rollerskates for my birthday, so now I have to learn. We’re gonna go back on adult night for a lesson.

Tomorrow I’m going to a museum with Louis! I think it will be fun.

I’m almost done! Next week is one more invigilation shift. I hope they pay me soon after that. I’m in a desperate state for money, I’m waiting to see if I get an award from my university because that would really really help. I may look for a job soon. At least for July. August is my last loan payment and then I’m on my own again for money! Scary!

I need to live somewhere cheaper. I am thinking of giving notice and going to look for a one bedroom. I’ve been waiting for a unit to come available at the coop, but meanwhile I am spending hundreds of dollars more than I have every month. It sucks.

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