End of a Cycle

I read my tarot cards today, Death came up, and The Wheel of Fortune, and some other ones indicating a cycle is over and a new one starting. Which I am assuming means the end of my masters program, which is IN SIGHT! I sent in my latest draft to my advisor and second reader, and I’m gonna work on it some more. It is still 25 pages shy of my goal. BUT I feel a lot better about it.

I am thinking about ways I need to change my life, like getting more active with the dogs, and trying to work on strength training exercises, and finding some reliable constant income coming in. I applied for another job. I’m waiting to hear about a grant. I will find out so soon! July 1st I should know! It will help me decide what to do for the future, and if I have to stress about getting another job soon. I hope I get it, because there are three weeks this summer where I need to be out of town to visit my mom and do some mentoring. Eeep!

I haven’t heard anything new about the Personal Credits, but I am hoping by Friday I can call the woman working on it and get an update.

My doctor called on Friday about my ultrasounds, but I didn’t get in touch with her in time.

The first med change has gone alright, nothing terrible has happened. Hopefully in July we can work on changing another medication to a newer one. A better one!

I’m being drawn to working out more. I could go to the school’s gym if I wanted, but I think I might start out with walking the dogs more and exercising at home. I don’t really want to lose weight, but I do want more muscles, especially in my arms.

Ahhhh, what else? I am excited about life and it’s changes, I am ready to begin a new cycle and walk away from old behaviours!

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