Packing, and I don’t mean dicks!

It’s day 3 of packing, with two more days to pack before the movers arrive to take my stuff to the new place. I printed out a map of where I am moving because there is a back lane they can park in that is closer to my unit. My friend Terri is going to wait around with me for the movers then drive the pups and I to the new place. I’m going to put them in their crates in the bathrooms while stuff is being moved out and in.

I’ve packed almost everything. I have a few odds and ends, and the rest of the dishes, pots and frying pans, and the food in my cupboards (there really isn’t much of that though!). I don’t have too much left to do.

I picked up a lot of garbage today. It’s looking better in here. I think I have more than enough boxes, since a lot of my clothes came in boxes and now they are leaving in garbage bags.

I’m taking some time off tomorrow afternoon to get the keys and go see my friend’s documentary at school. Also I have to pick up my new prescription tomorrow on the way home. Hopefully it’s covered, because I literally have 1.75 left to my name.

My money is still not in. It’s COMING! At some point. I’m getting nervous, especially since I found out it might take 3 weeks from when they got the form. SO LONG!

Good news is that my Indian Residential School personal credits cheque was FINALLY issued. It’s going to take a while to get though, because the admin part of the university is shut down this Friday and Monday. And then they have to mail it to me.

All in all I am getting REALLY nervous about my rent cheque not being able to come through. I’m hoping my money gets deposited on Monday. Last time I got a grant that’s when it got deposited, about two weeks after I got the notice I had received one. So that’s encouraging?

I am really tired of being poor. I get student loan money on Friday, but most of that is going to the movers, and then some is going to my metro pass and some is going to insurance and then hopefully I have some left for food. If I am lucky I might be able to call and get an appointment for my internet to get hooked up. BUT I need at least 240 before I can do that. I’m leaving town on the 8th or 9th to go up north to teach some youth how to make videos, so I really want some wifi for the dogsitter. Because I would feel bad for her if she had no internet access at my place. That makes life unbearable these days.

ALSO I will feel bad having no internet access the next while too! 🙁

All my problems have solutions I am sure, but this cash flow issue is really worrisome, because it’s just been all these delays! And I have expenses coming up!

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