I can’t get no Saphrisfaction

Turns out Saphris was NOT for me! I got a rash, and at first I didn’t put two and two together. And then I realized I got itchy the day after I first started taking it . . . I didn’t notice for over two weeks and by then it was bad and I had to rush to my doctor the day I left town for Saskatoon. She gave me an epipen and a prescription for my old trusty risperidone. So I went back on it and the rash went away.

Didn’t need to use the Epipen.

Saskatoon was a nice visit, I saw four friends and my Grandpa and spent lots of time with my Mom. Posey made friends with Mom’s new rescue dog Neville, they played chase a lot. He grabs ears tho, so sometimes she just wanted a break from him. I think she was sad to come home. She barked and cried a lot when we came back to the co-op. Poor dear!

My friend Erin had a lovely wedding. She had the quickest ceremony ever, I swear it took fifteen minutes! And the reception was great, out in the country.

I’m busy editing my video for ImagineNATIVE! 😀 I have some things ready for tomorrow, today was mostly converting and doing various technical things and then some basic editing. Konrad is helping me out! He’s not there tomorrow tho, it will be me on my own, but he is back on Wednesday!

Louis came over and the dogs had fun. They ended up hiding from us for a while even though I called them, until I finally brought out a hot rod, the wiener dog’s kryptonite! Two little noses poked out from under the couch!

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