Kind of a close call I guess . . .

So eleven days after I got back from Paris with my Mom, the whole terror attack thing happens. Which made all those soldiers doing patrols through the city make a lot more sense (though they were still creepy to see, and in the end not at the places that got targeted). I had a couple of friends who were in Paris when it happened, but they were safe, as were the people we knew who lived there. My friend Rolf actually lives in the neighborhood where the shootings were, so I’m glad he didn’t go out that night.

And then a whole bunch of shit happened on facebook with people being mad at other people about how they were reacting and it got really tiresome and for a while I was just like “UGH!” every time I was on facebook. And I don’t mean people being mad at racists, I mean people on the left being super irritating. Even leftists can be assholes.

Anyway! UGH! There’s not a whole lot I can do about the whole thing besides being anti-racist and vocal about being against Islamophobia. Atheists got a bit annoying too. That whole “Let’s ban all religions!” thing. Oh man shut up! Overwhelmingly the Muslim communities don’t agree with ISIS anyway! Just like overwhelmingly Christians find Westboro Baptist Church odious.

People keep adding me to Atheist groups on Facebook, but I don’t actually identify as an Atheist. I kind of do believe in God, but probably not as most people assume God to be. Like I don’t imagine this one big omnipotent being in a cloud somewhere. Or a male or female God. I had this huge realization about God when I had my first manic episode, but everyone kind of made fun of me for it so it seems weird to talk about now EVEN THOUGH I still believe it to be true. I just think we are all God. Like I am God, and you are God, and we are all having this experience to learn how to be a better being in the end. It’s really simple. And my dog Posey is God, and so is Mister, and the tree outside is God, and the birds, etc. Stars. Aliens. The Moon. My Mom.

And when my Grandma was dying all these spirits were coming into the room of people and animals she knew in her lifetime to take her away, so I also have a hard time believing that there is NOTHING after death.

But sometimes the Atheist groups post something I find funny, which is probably the only reason I don’t remove myself. Like Jesus shooing away the dinosaur, that is cute. I will repost that!

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