Saskatoon Holigays

I’m in Saskatoon! I’ve seen my Mom, cousin, Grandpa, sister, Dad, and other Grandma who helped me by giving me her Residential School Personal Education Credits when I did school. It’s been a nice visit so far, I haven’t seen any of my friends yet, for whatever reason. I always think I will see lots of them and then I get here and I don’t really. I think the whole sober thing still throws people off. Sometimes I don’t mind going to bars, but honestly sometimes drunks are really fuckin’ obnoxious to be around, especially in straight jock bars.
OMG baby Posey found the companion squeaky to her blue bird, a purple walrus, and is joyfully squeaking it around the house. She’s so cute!
Speaking of cute, she is getting WAY better! Her and Little Mister aren’t trying to attack Steven like they were last time I was here. She is getting way better, not barking obsessively at visitors, I don’t have to worry about her so much. She’s turning into a good girl! Whew! Because she was kind of rotten as a baby. I mean, not to me, but to strangers and visitors. She’s adorable though, totally sweet and snuggly and I’ve long wanted her softie side to be more apparent to others.
I haven’t done much work on my script while I have been here, in fact none at all. I really should do something. I worked on it on the plane, but since then nothing! HOWEVER since it’s about Christmas, in Saskatoon, with a Native family, I have been making mental notes this whole time. I need more tension for sure. It’s about being tempted to fall off the wagon on the first sober Christmas, but I don’t think it’s coming through yet.
My reserve is giving us $200 bonuses for Christmas! 🙂 We pick them up on Thursday. Mister is getting groomed the next day with part of my bonus. He’s gonna look SO GOOD! I think he needs his ears shaved. BUT maybe they can save his long locks, he looks good with long fur on his ears and most of the rest shaved. His tail is always long tho. It’s beautiful!
I’m still looking for a job and stuff back in Toronto. Really I just want something part time. We’ll see. I did get a small grant, and I might get another bigger grant. I’m not sure when those results are out, but if it’s sent in the mail I won’t get it until January 11th anyway!
I have to get my videos to my distributors. I have to get 2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99 to a screening in San Francisco this January. Through The Looking Glass is playing at EMMEDIA in January too. I’m still waiting to hear back from some other festivals, but I think I won’t know for a while yet.
I did have something else I wanted to write about, but I honestly can’t remember it now.

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