Baking Buns, Conference, Learning!

Today I caught up on Easter baking and baked up about 15 hot cross buns! 😀 I ate three of them today. At this rate I have four days of buns left!

It was my first time cooking with yeast, so that was exciting. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but there were A LOT of steps involved. So I just followed the recipe to the letter, except I had to add three cups of flour. But it turned out awesome!

Yesterday I went to the Trans Temporality conference at UofT with my friend Riki and met up with Marty and Mikiki while I was there. I didn’t go until the afternoon, but we sat in on three panels and a couple papers were super interesting. It gave me a lot to think about, and kind of stretched out that academic putty part of my brain, so that was good.

Tomorrow I’m learning all day! 😀 I’m going to a workshop about Adobe After Effects! It’s a program I need to learn so that I can get editing gigs, so I saw an introductory workshop coming up at Charles Street Video and signed up for it! My membership there runs out at the end of April, so I asked my mom for a new membership for my birthday so I can do more workshops for cheap and continue renting equipment.

I was going to say I had a lazy day today, but I didn’t because I baked all day!

The only unfortunate thing is I really need to clean by Monday at 9am for inspections, and I haven’t done ANY cleaning, in fact I made more of a mess. But I think I can do it tomorrow.

I had better head to bed. I gotta get across town early tomorrow!

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