Artistic and Emotional Progress

I wrote a good ten pages today, and they were making me laugh (and this script is a comedy so that’s a good sign!). I had fun. I’ve been feeling super productive lately, and this means in 21 more pages I will have a full first draft done. Then I go to Berlin, get time away from it, do my Entzaubert workshop and my video screening, and then come back and do some more work on it and get it to Canada Council 1 month later than intended but still pretty on time and hopefully with enough time to apply for my next grant.

I have a Toronto Art Council grant due, but that’s still gonna be late. Maybe this fall I can do it!

It looks like this film business stuff is going into motion, but it’s a meeting away and there’s still some other hoops of funding to go through, BUT if something happens I will of course finally mention it here more openly.

OMG BUT there was some exciting personal stuff that happened where I told someone my feelings and it was actually really cool and friendly and I think it will bring us closer as friends although it’s not going to turn into like, a hot and heavy relationship. But it cleared the air and made me feel a lot better. Also I feel like emotionally I have some space in my heart again in case I meet someone available. PLUS now this person and I can work together and I don’t have this distractible thought in my head.

My video game needs more work, but when I come back I can go sit with these people who are running this program and they will help me with coding stuff, so that’s some happy news. I think once that gets figured out, this game is nearly done. I just need to do some graphics for the opening, the middle, and the end, when it says what is going on. It won’t be that hard I just need to link them up.

I’ve learned a lot this year, I have more skills with GIMP (because I can’t figure out pirating Photoshop anymore since they did Creative Cloud). Did I say pirating? I meant, um, gluestick-sticking paper together.

Also since the Female Eye Film Festival Script Development program, I got some script notes the other day on Evil Fire and she gave me really constructive criticism. And I may be working on that this Fall/Winter so it was very timely and gave me a lot to think about and try to problem solve.

Ahhh I have mostly talked about my career here!

The dogs and I found a ride for Sunday. So that’s when they go to the sitter. I’m gonna miss them so much, they are my buddies. They keep me from turning too inward, because I always have to attend their needs and sometimes they interrupt me for attention, which some people find annoying but I like. Little Mister is getting old. He doesn’t like walking as fast as Posey, and I have to figure out what to do because she pulls. I think I might have to just make her walk slower. But at their dog sitter this next week they will have a fenced yard, which is good because Posey loves to run, and she can’t run on her leash.

So really, even though I worried about it all summer (so far) my projects are on track and almost on time, and I just have a couple things I still have to figure out how to make room for. And while I have been very poor, I also was able to work on my stuff almost full time this last year and eeked by. And it looks like if the stars align I will be getting paid for being a writer/artist/filmmaker this next couple of seasons (IF stars align!). I have OAC and CC grants to apply for this fall, and BravoFACT might have another deadline. Also I will find out about that Indigenous Art Award in the next year, which could be $10,000 that I can spend however I like because it’s not tied to a project. I was thinking of getting braces or a retainer. When else am I gonna have that kind of cash? Oh and probably go on vacation somewhere.

Or I could just stay poor. BUT you never know!

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