3 years after cancelling my monthly subscription

So it has been 3 years since I got an ablation for a whole bunch of reasons. A lot had to do with how brutal my periods were from having fibroids. Part of it was because I never really liked having a period because of the pain and mess and waking up in a bloody puddle. But also part of it probably had to do with my whatever gender thing I have going on. I don’t really think it’s like, so simple as “men don’t have periods and women do” but it feels a little less strange for me not to bleed. I never felt like I was super empowered or anything by bleeding on strangers sheets or having to buy black sheets. I finally figured out how to get blood out of my sheets when I started researching ablations and talking with my doctors about getting one. I had a couple of years on birth control to try and improve the situation, but honestly it did nothing but make me depressed and have a low libido.

SO anyway, three years and a few months ago I got an ablation, and life has been pretty sweet since. I was lucky in that I have so far never had a period again. Like, never. Sometimes I feel a little weird about it, like having exited from the exclusive club of vagina bleeders. BUT my other option was a hysterectomy and that was too extreme for me and I’m trying to hang on to it for Reasons. Not baby having reasons, more the fact that all kinds of things can change after a hysterectomy. Like your orgasms can change a bit and the bladder sits differently and you can have incontinence. Things like that. SO I know it still might happen, but right now it’s all good.

I think I could possibly really disappoint someone only if they were very into menstrual sex and we were trying to date. But it’s never come up. I honestly wish I could recommend more women and trans folks get them who hate their periods, but not every ablation is as successful as mine, and some people want babies from their own uterus, and also some people don’t have the insurance to get a surgery procedure that costs a few thousand dollars. Even here in Canada. Although it is covered for Canadians with health cards. Also I just feel weird being like “have an ablation they are great!” because periods are so maligned in our patriarchal culture and it seems slightly shitty to say “I hated having periods they suck I’m so glad I don’t have them anymore.” Even tho that is my feelings about my body and the way my periods were.

I think the biggest difficulty is that doctors are very against taking away women’s abilities to have successful pregnancies. Technically I could get pregnant, but it would be a REALLY bad idea and the fetus wouldn’t survive and I would have an emergency. So no babies for me! Last year when I got baby-wanting feelings I admit I sort of regretted it. But then more recently I was like “WAIT A MINUTE! I don’t ever want to be pregnant! I never wanted to be pregnant!” So now I feel fine about it again.

Anyway, to sum up, cancelling my monthly subscription was the best thing I did. Two thumbs up. No ragrets.

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