REVEAL Awards, Saskatoon and Winnipeg trips, so tired!

I’m back in Saskatoon from a whirlwind one day Winnipeg trip to pick up my REVEAL award from the Hnatyshyn Foundation. I shook hands with the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, and met Gerda Hnatyshyn, and saw a lot of friends, and generally had a good time. The first stop when we got back was the bank to deposit my cheque! So it’s waiting for the hold to get taken off and then I go get my new laptop.

It was nice being celebrated and celebrating 150 artists (109 made it!)! We had a cute ceremony when we got to all go up and get our awards. Chief Perry Belgarde made a speech at the reception and another at the ceremony and both times he got booed, it was pretty funny. They played God Save the Queen and the Canadian National Anthem at the beginning and a lot of us got super uncomfortable. Ha ha. Like “Thanks for reminding us we are colonized!” But then they had some drummers do an honour song and people got excited again.

Mom wanted us to do an IKEA trip so the whole time we were there she was talking about it. I was dubious, BUT I did pick out a couch I was interested in, so we got to sit on it and look at the cover swatches, and it was firm and comfy and I approved and so did Mom. And we found a really nice upholstered footstool that you can lift a lid for storage, so I think I am gonna get that too. But I’m obviously not getting it from the Winnipeg IKEA, so when I get back I am gonna order it from North York or Mississauga IKEA.

We are also planning on going to Glasgow and back with my Auntie Beth in September, so soon we are gonna get some tickets for our two week trip which includes a week in London England (I am only specifying because I have been to London Ontario so much). And also taking a detour to the Coronation Street set in Manchester. Which had a terror attack tonight, not the Coronation Street set but at an Ariana Grande concert. So, I think there was some other thing recently too, but we are determined to go and not let these attacks keep us from living our lives and seeing things we want to see in the world. I mean, we really have been in certain large cities within months and days of major attacks. Like we went to New York City in 2001 in April and of course the twin towers came down in September. And we left Paris just eleven days before the attack at Bataclan. There are lots of close calls. But I mean, things happen. And overwhelmingly things DON’T happen. So why stay home when you could be there on the many days nothing goes wrong? And also I live in the biggest city in Canada, probably someone wants to target it at some point. Canada is a pretty safe country, but you never know. Someday something worse than Maple Syrup thefts might happen. (Legit, there really are maple syrup theft issues in Canada)

I was actually in the airport heading back from the Awards when I got a notification on my phone about the Manchester attack. It was kind of awkward because I was with some people who wanted to talk about how amazing the last 24 hours was with the REVEAL awards, so I didn’t want to wreck it by being like “People died!” But when Mom and I got to the gate I told her, and I could hear people around us watching one of the first videos that came out of people running and screaming in the auditorium. I think the really sad part is I imagine Ariana Grande’s demographic is quite young girls and women. So I’m not looking forward to when we see who actually died. And targeting anyone, but especially teenagers, is so cruel. I’m getting pretty tired of these things happening.

To change the subject, I miss my dogs, they are at a kennel right now. I’m gonna see them tomorrow though, and I am looking forward to it. They will fly back home with me on Saturday. It’s weird sleeping in a bed without them. They are the best snuggly kids. And they help ground me and make me feel safe and happy. So not having them is hard.

Anyway, I should sleep! I’m truly exhausted! And I had a shitty sleep last night and woke up at 1am just to check in to Westjet because I had almost forgotten!

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