Anti-Sex Internet

I’m a tumblr user, but I only ever really reblogged memes and funny/political posts, while secretly looking at porn and not reblogging it. But yeah, I remember a little while ago logging on and searching my usual searches and being like, dude where’s my porn? Anyway, it’s gone! I knew there was something up before they made the announcement, because general smutty searches were turning up no hits. And then yeah, they said no nsfw posts anymore. Which is really disappointing even as a tumblr blogger who never really made my own cherished original nsfw content. So I can’t imagine what actual porn and nsfw content creators are feeling right now.

I remember when Yahoo bought tumblr everyone was like “uh oh” and they were like “Oh yeah no don’t worry we won’t ban porn/adult content/nudity.” Now Verizon owns it and Apple is being a bully and anyway, sucks.

And then FACEBOOK started getting weird also and put out that weird change in terms of service where you can’t talk about your sexual preferences etc.

It all makes me really glad to have my own blog where I can do embarrassing things like write a post about my transdick. And I think I’ve written maybe a couple other sex things in the past. Not much though, just because people say you should write what you know and no matter how much of a perv I am, I actually haven’t gotten laid that much in my life. So yeah, I never really felt like “I have a need to make porn.” But I appreciate people who do. AND obviously I’m into queer kink and that stuff is no longer Facebook friendly. So maybe I will try writing here more often or something.

I do own the domain to, so who knows, maybe I’ll turn it into an adult oriented social media/dating site. I mean that’s expecting a lot of me right now though. 


I’m heading home, to Saskatoon, to be with my family this Christmas. My Mom and sister Sky are there, along with a few cousins and Auntie and Uncles. In some regards I’m not ready to go home, I don’t want to be there for a whole month, which is what is gonna happen because of dogs. But in other respects, it might be good for me to get out of town and reconnect with my hometown. It’d be good to see old friends and be there long enough that we can really visit, instead of like a two hour coffee at Broadway Roastery and then I am off to do something else.

I’m going to miss some Toronto friends though. But my friend Riki just moved back to Saskatoon, so I can see her which will be nice. I’m gonna miss my Smart TV ha ha. I’m gonna miss my neighbourhood and all the cute corny Christmas things they do. I’ve spent the last two Christmases in Toronto, so finally going home again is like, hmm, I dunno.

I wish tumblr didn’t just trash all their porn blogs. That is disappointing. I know other people will take over. And not every goddamn site has to have an app on the App store for Apple to freak out about. Anyway yeah….

I feel like the world has gotten very antisex. It seems ridiculous that we are back to the handwringing about smutty art that we dealt with in the 80’s and 90’s. Like grow up already! 

Tanya Tagaq was getting attacked for her new album cover which has a fox with a giant erection on it, by Inuit people no less. I kind of dread that in my future. I know it has happened to me already, but just that kind of assumption that being Indigenous means as artists we can be censored by our communities for sexual/queer work. That’s messed up. That’s one of the reasons I am super leery of the fact that elders are sitting on arts board grant juries, and rules are being applied to Indigenous filmmakers about our community accountability that don’t get applied to white filmmakers. There’s something really worrisome about all of those things. 

I know Indigiqueer artists have been denied funding when we apply to specifically Indigenous pots of money. And it’s homophobia and transphobia doing that, and it comes from colonization.

Anyway, I have been remembering alot of the early days of the internet, when people were really defensive of free speech even when it was stuff we didn’t agree with. Like, yes, even racist shit. Because we knew on some level if you shut down one thing, it would shut down a whole bunch of other stuff. We fought for people to be able to post whatever. And yeah, there was a lot of awful stuff out there. But we knew it meant some really good marginalized stuff like queer and kink and sex stuff could exist. It was a delicate balance.

And yeah a bunch of nazi’s got deplatformed recently, and I can’t say I miss them. But also a bunch of sex workers got access to funds and sites shut down. And now queers and trans people. And it’s just gonna snowball. And I can kind of see some kind of resistance taking place. But to be honest, it’s not gonna take place as long as we are focusing energy on censoring other things like some dumb creepy Christmas song. Like, what happened to the other internet citizens who knew we had to keep Hick’s creepy gay nazi porn online so that other stuff wouldn’t get shut down? I don’t want to say it’s all or nothing, but it’s like Christmas lights, if one goes out then so will the whole string.

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