Productive but Maybe Not For the Important Things

Today I upgraded my Patreon so that I could offer higher tier members merch. I never really thought much before of doing merch, but it’s actually kind of a good idea and I have enough images from my video game and from my videos that it didn’t take TOO long to add something to five different products. So now there is a Less Lethal Fetishes poster (image above!), a hot dog sticker from my video game (image below!) and a Reclamation tote of the lesbian couple in gas masks and a coffee mug with the psychiatrist from my video game. So hopefully people line up! Also offering a shirt at the 30 dollar tier of me and my banana.

Anyway my criticisms of my productivity is of course that yeah I got all this work done this year BUT my script ALSO needs work and attention and I just kind of am lollygagging on that. Apparently I can’t spell lolligagging. Or it’s not a real word. But neither is my name.

Merch is not a real word either.

I’m feeling hypomanic which might look weird cause I’m just laying around. Maybe hypomanic is not the word. Maybe I just have ADHD brain today and things are very busy in there.

I discovered ants are living in my furbo, which is the camera that watches the dogs. I think I might have to chuck it. Ack. The thing is I need to be able to see what the dogs are doing when I am not home. But I’m starting to think it’s not working anymore, PROBABLY because it has ants in it. Yuck. I tried to scoop them out with a paper towel but they are like, deep in there.

It’s the election in the USA tomorrow which I am sure we are all painfully aware of, and probably most people reading this will already know the outcome. Anyway lez hope for the best!

I’m doing ok. I did clean up my apartment more and feel comfortable here again without so much clutter. But the clutter creeps up fast. I gotta figure out a way to keep mice from getting in my dry goods, because the more they can eat my food the less they will eat the poison. But it doesn’t help that the dogs are leaving kibble in their bowl. Those dogs!

I’m learning scrying. I’m kind of all over the place these days but learning scrying has been interesting. I learned so much about tarot the last 18 years and now I need a new thing. So I have these small crystal spheres, and an obsidian ball, and I tended to like the clear quartz sphere the best but I’ve gotten images and impressions from all of them. The obsidian one is really hard to make things out, I need to work with it more. The clear quartz was more open. And the sodalite I tried gave me an accurate prediction about snow falling in the night. But I want more! The obsidian ball was giving me all this sexy romantic stuff and I’m not sure about that. Who knows tho. It’s very hard to tell who people are in the impressions I’m getting. Like I can guess but I am never really sure. And I probably will have sex again someday so that’s not a real amazing prediction.

Ha ha ha slamming the psychic predictions!

I’m thinking of getting into drawing more once this script rewrite is in. I really need to put aside quality time to work on the script. And so many things have distracted me but like this is my DREAM to make a feature and like would open the door to a lot of other things. Like maybe I could do a tv show. Or something.

OH MY GOODNESS yes also Justin Ducharme and Lindsay Nixon and I won the APTN/ImagineNATIVE Web Series Pitch Competition, so we have over $40,000 to make a five part webseries for APTN Lumi. I am excited. That is gonna be a lot of fun.

How can I have a relationship when I am hustling all the time so I don’t ever have to work in a call centre again?

OH MAN I should do a drawing about call centres and post it on my Patreon. Those places are brutal. UGH so soul destroying. Never never never!

Anyway I did post some stuff on Patreon for the beginning of the month so it’s fine if I work on my script, my REAL JOB right now, and then start adding more Patreon content next week.

OH MAN do I need to give myself a deadline? What if I got this script rewrite done for the end of the week? It’s already partially done. And right now I’m just adding some old stuff to the new stuff and then going through and connecting some plot lines to a larger more interesting more neglected plotline. Even if I had to work all weekend, that would be fine.

I’m getting tattooed on Wednesday! Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD! If you know the Yellow Submarine you know the character. I am getting him put on my lower calf.

ANYWAY there’s my blab for right now.

And here is my hotdog! Go support me you can get a sticker and stuff!

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