Prints for Sale!

I got locked out of this site, and kinda got lazy about getting around to getting it fixed. But I am back!
It’s really late at night so I’m actually going to bed. Maybe I will finish writing this in the morning.
Ha ha so a whole day went by and I didn’t get back to this until now.
anyway, I guess things are fine. We are selling a print of COVID 19 #3, a beading my Mom did which is now available as a 7 colour screenprint printed by Michael Peterson. They are $200 each plus shipping but you can also pick up in Saskatoon and Toronto. It’s a limited edition of 50 and 30 have already sold. So please email me at if you would like one and I can arrange it. It’s raising funds for my short film “kwêskosîw (She Whistles)” which we are trying to finish post on this month.
Here is what it looks like:

Ha ha sheesh the embed code for this is so freaking ugly it’s good you can’t see it.
I feel weird talking about my personal life while also trying to hype up sales of this print. How is my personal life? It’s fine I guess. I mean I often feel like nothing is happening in it, and then I realize I am learning something new every day in my interpersonal sphere. I had a brief sexual awakening for a week which was pretty intense and then I think I just started constantly working again so I couldn’t enjoy it.
I have an hours worth of work tomorrow and then I finally get a break until Monday. I am so stoked. I’ve been working every day for a month, like NO WEEKENDS at all and it was wearing me out.
We also mailed out about 17 prints yesterday and today, so that feels good too, just knowing that Sera-Lys and I can get these prints into the hands of people who bought them to support us. They are really nice prints! I’m getting one framed myself.
The dogs are ok. Little Mister seemed to have a seizure or something, he’s been to the vet and now he’s on a medication for his thyroid. So far so good. We’ll see how he does. He isn’t on metacam anymore either, now he is on gabbies which is funny cause that’s a drug one of my relatives used to use recreationally. But these are such tiny doses and he already adjusted to them.
He’s dirty right now, he dipped his ears in brown bean sauce and I gotta wash him in the morning. Long haired dachshunds get the most messy. I think I have washed Posey like, once in seven years, but Little Mister gets washed every other month or so because he starts collecting blobs of food. Poor kid.
I’m good. I’m very thoughtful of a lot of personal things though, like failed relationships and that kind of thing. It’s ok tho. I will survive.

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