Nerfed by COVID!

Oh man! I was doing so good! I’d made it for over THREE YEARS without getting COVID! I did so good! And then I went to a dance party with tons of Indigiqueers and Two Spirits and three days later started feeling bad. I thought maybe it was allergies because all the flowers in my neighbourhood were flowering. BUT NO. I finally was like ok I better test for COVID. And this time it was positive!

Shit shit shit.

So I got COVID after all this time. I was being sloppy with masks, I got too cocky. And there are some extremely IMPORTANT things coming up, so once I am cleared to go back into the world I am gonna mask again. Because I am not gonna end up canceling top surgery because I got COVID a second time. And also other career things are happening and I just can’t be sicky like this again.

I feel like I get better every day but really I think new symptoms come and then go. I mostly deal with fatigue but today I was also extremely dizzy. I started reading about dizziness in COVID and long COVID and was worried I would feel dizzy forever. But it went away. It might come back.

I cancelled a bunch of things so that I could be ok, or as ok as possible. I know it’s when people make themselves keep working that they get long COVID. So I am trying to avoid doing work. Which is hard because I really like the work I do. I swear my brain is just like “OH come on we could just do this thing, or this thing.” No. I am really trying to be strict about it. Which is hard.

And some people were asking me to help them with various things and it’s just like I have COVID I cannot help anyone at all right now. It’s been four days into COVID and I only had enough energy to type this blog today.

Some people did offer to help me out, which has been nice, and some of them sent or dropped things off. So that was nice. I’m finally able to do the dishes today and take out the garbage. At some point I have to do my laundry, so that will be a whole thing. I was just going to wear a mask and wash my hands really well before I go do it. I’ll probably wait until Monday when hopefully I am less contagious.

I had to go tell all the people I had been near that I had COVID which made me feel bad, although they were all happy I told them and wished me well. So that’s nice. And to my knowledge none of them got it. But who knows. I have to see my therapist on video on Monday though because I still need to talk about my feelings in my life but obviously don’t want to get her sick. I know I could NOT see her, but I think I’d prefer to see her. Even if I am a bit dopey.

Anyway, I am gonna run out of rolling papers tomorrow too, so I will have to figure out how to get some.

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