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Sleepy sleepy sleepy and bloody

I got my period so today has been SUPER SLEEPY!  Like, really sleepy.  I slept until 2pm and then I woke up and went back to napping at 4:15 until 6.  It’s day two so I keep having to empty my diva cup.  I’ve emptied it about three times already today.  And I will have to empty it again before bed.

SO for those reasons, massive blood loss leading to anemia because of fibroids, I am getting an ablation.  I had a gynecologist appointment a week or two ago where I had to repeat over and over that I didn’t want kids, cause I don’t, they are super annoying.  And anyway, I think after the 6th or 7th time I said I didn’t want kids they accepted it (there was a student with my gynecologist) and so I am being scheduled for getting my uterine lining burned out sometime in March or so.  They are going to give me a prescription for a thing I will put up my vagina by my cervix so that they don’t “damage me” too much.  I assume it’s gonna soften up my cervix and make it more dilated or something.

I hope it works.  I am tired of my period.  It’s better now with a diva cup, but it’s still such a drag.  I mean, emptying that thing FOUR times in one day is kinda insane.  Like, it holds about an ounce of fluid, that’s A LOT!  And I want to avoid a hysterectomy, because I’ve seen the side effects of having a uterus removed (incontinence and I also think it affects your orgasms a bit) and I don’t want to go through that.  So HOPEFULLY this will work out.

Next day———–*******************

So I am still super tired.  AND I got the results from a 2 hour blood test I had to take on Friday.  I had to get my blood taken then drink this orange “pop” and then hang around waiting. And then they took my blood again and let me go.  ANYWAY, my blood sugar is high.  So I have to go in and talk to my doctor tomorrow.

I don’t want diabetes, but it felt kind of inevitable.  I’m even on a medication that causes diabetes, AND I am First Nations, so it just felt like I was gonna get diabetic.  I have to start living more healthy.  I should exercise too.

Thursday I am going to Kingston, and then to Toronto, and then home.  That might be fun, I hope so.

I should publish this post and go read up on type 2 diabetes.