I was watching the news tonight with my friend S. about the massacre in Madrid. What a sad thing. The world is in such turbulance, but it was always like that. We are such a brutal species, we can think of the most appalling things to do to each other.

I try to be good, sometimes I think I fail miserably at it. Today I saved a snail from being smooshed by a careless footstep, I moved it back to the side of the path. But I ate a hot dog, and wore a leather jacket and shoes. I accidentally signed up to be a member of Greenpeace, and now I’m dodging their phone calls for their monthly membership fees. I am a bad person.

I am on a new drug now, Zyprexa. It made me feel like a zombie and gain 45 pounds the last time I was on it, but this is a low dose, so hopefully I won’t have to buy a new wardrobe again. I wanted to buy leather pants, but my fluctuating weight won’t permit it. So far the Zyprexa is working well, I’m feeling a little more even, it makes me sleep like a ton of bricks though. But yeah, I do feel more like my normal self.

We are all crazy on this planet.

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