The sun sets and the mountains turn purple, my rat has crawled into his bag of food. Finally today I have written something that feels right. Hey, I learned a new word the other day. Hypergraphia. It means the need to write. I definitely go through periods of hypergraphia, sometimes for the purpose of making art, sometimes to heal, sometimes both.

I have heard it said in contemporary art circles that art shouldn’t be about therapy. I’m not sure who invented this rule, as I believe that many major artists were creating work to get out of some kind of personal hell and torment. It seems to me that the art I see where someone has gone through hell to bring out something beautiful and/or meaningful has more resonance within it. I feel blessed for being trusted with such a personal story, and through the artists healing, I heal as well.

In other thoughts, I have been thinking a great deal about aboriginal women I know. So strong, so fierce, we are powerful women, and yet instead of solidarity I see our community tearing at each other’s necks. It saddens me. There is still so much work to be done, and yet we have so many divisions. I would love to see a day when all of my communities band together for civil rights, and yet I feel that day is still so far away.

I find myself singing songs as I walk down the street.

A new short video is on it’s way everybody!!!

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