Random Linkage

I was sitting outside smoking and watching a raven bobbing it’s head and strutting along the road. I like watching birds walk when they could fly. It’s kind of comical. Anyway, I don’t have much to write about today, so I thought I’d do a random linkage list. Here’s some stuff I came across recently, in order of no particular importance.

Thirzahs, Tirzahs, and Thirzas

The other day I found my name in the bible in Songs of Solomon. So did this woman, who has a page all about Thirza’s she’s found. The woman I was named after is one of them! (Thirza Jones)

St. Christina the Astonishing

She’s not officially canonized, but her story is fascinating. Patron saint of the mentally ill, St. Christina died and came back to life, flew into the church rafters like a bird and refused to come down. She lived as a homeless woman feeding off her own lactations.

Vixen Love Bot

Yes, it’s sophmoric and silly, but nevertheless this little bot is quite funny as she manages to elude and mystify would be cyber partners.

Picking your nose is good for you

How can I top a headline like that?

My pet fat

When Atkins isn’t enough try lugging around realistic looking blobs of fat to help you in your dieting goals. No joking, this site is serious and I’ve seen it on CNN as well. Please, I don’t want this for my birthday, I just think it’s funny.

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