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Body Modification Ezine’s interview with Raelians

I was surfing around on BME when I came across a creepy april fools interview with the Raelians, and if you thought they were just an innocent UFO cult, think again! These creepy little dudes consulted none other than Joseph Mengele for their cloning and research purposes. (So did the American government.) And they talk very casually about having to “terminate” small children. Truly chilling, it reminds me of the book Geek Love.

Barbie is a Lesbian

Queer girl cashes in $30 000 settlement after being sent home for wearing a Barbie is a Lesbian shirt to school. Damn, I wish my school sent me home when I was wearing my militant queer shirt. But my mom always told me suing was an american thing.

Teen Girl Squad!

Cerebellumed!! Very funny flash animation.

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